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Fall 2011 Columnists

The Crimson Editorial Board is pleased to announce its Fall 2011 columnists

Sam N. Adams ’14 will examine prominent social, economic, and political issues from an unexpected angle. He intends to make each of his columns start some kind of conversation and make readers question the premises of the debates du jour.

Meredith C. Baker ’13, a Crimson editorial writer, is a social studies concentrator in Eliot House. Her column will cover politics and humanitarian issues in the developing world on alternate Thursdays.

Elizabeth C. Bloom '12, in “Bloom with a View,” will examine Harvard culture and student life with self-indulgent irony on alternating Fridays.

Derek Bekebrede ’13, lives in Winthrop House and studies economics. In 1962, Ronald Reagan became a Republican. Read “A Time to Choose” and rendezvous with destiny.

Julian B. Gewirtz ’12 lives in Quincy House and is a history concentrator. His column will investigate cultural dynamics that underlie issues of the moment on alternate Fridays.


Eric T. Justin ’13 fell in love with the Middle East as an exchange student in Egypt during high school. He enjoys reading and writing on especially the social and historical aspects of the Arab World.

Isabel E. Kaplan ’12 is an English concentrator in Currier House. Her column, “Between the Lines” will examine contemporary literature and the writing life on alternate Mondays.

Dylan Matthews ’12 is a social studies concentrator in Kirkland House, and an editor of Perspective, Harvard’s liberal monthly magazine. His column will continue to take aim at structural impediments that are preventing political progress, and the ways we can tear them down, on alternate Wednesdays.

Peyton R. Miller ’12, the editor emeritus of The Harvard Salient, is a government concentrator in Winthrop House. His column, “Outside the Yard,” will offer a conservative perspective on the impact of economic and domestic policy on ordinary citizens on alternate Tuesdays.

Brett Rosenberg ’12  lives in Cabot House as a history concentrator. Her column "Yard Work" will look at the absurdity of life in and out of the Harvard bubble; it will not, however, rake your leaves.

Madeleine M. Schwartz ’12 lives in Kirkland House and is concentrating in history with a secondary in classics. Her column "Women at Harvard" will look at women’s lives at the college today on alternative Fridays.

Dhruv K. Singhal ’12 lives in Currier House and is concentrating in English. His column, “Tempering Extremities,” will use broad-brush generalizations, baseless stereotypes, and unsubstantiated, anecdotal evidence to provide a politically schizophrenic critique of Ivy League liberalism on alternate Fridays.