Op Eds

The Crimson Editorial Board is Pleased To Announce its Fall 2013 Columnists

Idrees Kahloon ’16, “Body Politic.” A look at politics that investigates the idiosyncrasies and incompetence of Washington, and their impact on the general public.  The column will appear on alternate Tuesdays.

John F.M. Kocsis ’15, “JFMK School of Government.” Politics are a bit different in central Pennsylvania. This column will reconcile a conservative upbringing and liberal education to find solutions for America’s 100 percent. The column will appear on alternate Fridays.

Sandra Y.L. Korn ’14, “The Red Line.” The MBTA’s Red Line connects Harvard to the rest of Cambridge, Boston, and the world.  This column will explore the ways Harvard interacts with its community  and how neoliberalism influences these interactions. The column will appear on alternate Wednesdays.

Joshua B. Lipson ’14, “Dining on Sacred Cow.” A bold, ideologically maverick column to challenge social and political orthodoxies on the premise that nothing is sacred. It will approach tired topics like Middle East affairs, human nature, and political psychology from an uncomfortable, but hopeful angle. The column will appear on alternate Fridays.

Brooke Kantor ’15, “Tabooya: In your face.” This column addresses topics that many might consider unorthodox or impolite for dinner conversations. The goal is not only to get more people feeling comfortable thinking about the wide variety of issues I will attempt to address, but also to feel comfortable bringing them up in casual conversations.  The column will appear on alternate Mondays.


Molly L. Roberts ’16, “Pop a Molly.” Lots of stuff happens at Harvard. In this column, I talk about what matters to me and try to convince you that it should matter to you, too.  The column will appear on alternate Mondays.

Michael Thorbjørn Feehly ’14, “Opinions on Reserve.” A defense of culture, letters, libraries, and the humanities in the age of scientism. This column will offer provocative solutions to overcome technological and institutional obstacles to living the life of the mind in the twenty-first century.  The column will appear on alternate Thursdays.

Daniel L. Solomon ’16, “The Lion's Den.” “Here’s my thesis, peace in the world or the world in pieces.” —Oscar Brand. This column will explore the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a solution-oriented Zionist view. It will also ponder the paradoxes of American Jewish life, aiming for catharsis, if not answers. The column will appear on alternate Thursdays.

Reed E. McConnell ’15, “Let Us Now Re-evaluate Famous men.” In this column, I'll be taking a look at the ways--invisible to many--that gender is interwoven into Harvard and US cultures, and hopefully causing some to reconsider certain ways of being and seeing in the process. The column will appear on alternate Tuesdays.

Ginny C. Fahs '15, "You Have Options." Get a glimpse of some of the very creative and unconventional professional paths that alums have taken over the years. What it looks like when people fly by the seat of their pants professionally. The column will appear on alternate Fridays.

Jonathan Zhou ’14, “Homo Economicus.” A “rational, self-interested” individual’s rambling about economic and campus issues on alternate Fridays.

Dashiell Young-Saver ’16, "A Dash of Insanity." Meant to be a break from legitimate and worthwhile editorial writing, Dash takes a look at the much neglected (for good reason) lighter side of Harvard's heavier issues on alternate Wednesdays.