Spring 2011 Crimson Columnists

Dhruv K. Singhal ’12 lives in Currier House and is concentrating in English. His column, “Tempering Extremities,” will use broad-brush generalizations, baseless stereotypes, and unsubstantiated, anecdotal evidence to provide a politically schizophrenic critique of Ivy League liberalism on alternate Fridays.

Alexander R. Konrad ’11, a former Crimson associate editorial editor, is a History concentrator in Quincy House. The third and final semester of his column, “Pros and Kons,” will continue to tap new perspectives on global current events on alternate Fridays.

Avishai D. Don '12, a Crimson editorial writer, is a social studies concentrator in Adams House. His column, "Broken Taboos," will continue to explore the intersection of religion and politics and the varieties of religious experience on alternate Thursdays.

Meredith C. Baker ’13, a Crimson editorial writer, is a Social Studies concentrator in Currier House. Her column "On the Map, Off the Radar" will cover politics and humanitarian issues in the developing world on alternate Tuesdays.

Rachel Wagley ’11 is a Sociology concentrator in Quincy House. Her column "Democracy of the Dead" will explore the moralistic dilemmas of the presumed “culture war” from a traditionalist perspective.


Geoffrey Challen ’02-’03 is a Resident Tutor at Eliot House. His column "Parting Thots" will look at the interplay of vested interests, emerging trends, policy, and student expectations, and how these forces are reshaping American higher education. His column appears on alternate Wednesdays.

Dylan R. Matthews ’12 is a Social Studies concentrator in Kirkland House currently studying abroad at the University of Cambridge, and an editor of Perspective, Harvard’s liberal monthly magazine. His column "Broom of the System" will continue to take aim at structural impediments that are preventing political progress, and the ways we can tear them down, on alternate Tuesdays.

Tobias S. Stein ’11, is an Urban Studies concentrator in Quincy House. His column “Stein Club” will take a look at undergraduate student life and the social scene at Harvard, questing for an answer to the eternal question, “How can we make Harvard more fun?” on alternate Mondays.

Adam R. Gold ’11 lives in Adams House and is concentrating in Physics. His column, “Fully Charged,” is about science and technology and how they impact Harvard students. The column will touch on topics ranging from Napster to nanotubes and will focus on bringing the latest research to the rest of us on alternate Fridays.

Niha Jain ’12 lives in Dunster House and is a Social Studies concentrator. Her column "Social Impact" focuses on effective approaches to creating substantive social impact and will run on alternate Wednesdays.

Peyton R. Miller ’12, the editor emeritus of the Harvard Salient, is a Government concentrator in Winthrop House. His column, “Outside the Yard,” will examine how federal and state government affects the lives of American citizens on alternate Tuesdays.

Jessica A. Sequeira ’11, a Social Studies concentrator in Winthrop House, returns after a semester-long hiatus following Quixote around the countryside to write her column "Leisurely Dispatches," at the intersection of politics and the arts on alternate Fridays.