Spring 2012 Columnists

The Crimson Editorial Board is pleased to announce its Spring 2012 columnists

Madeleine M. Schwartz ’12 lives in Kirkland House and is a history and classics concentrator. Her column "Women at Harvard" will look at women’s lives at the College on alternate Fridays.

Dylan R. Matthews ’12 is a social studies concentrator in Kirkland House and a past president of Perspective, Harvard’s liberal monthly magazine. His column will continue to take aim at structural impediments that are preventing political progress and the ways we can tear them down on alternate Wednesdays.

Avishai D. Don ’12, a Crimson editorial writer, is a social studies concentrator in Adams House serving his fourth and final semester as a Crimson columnist. His column, "Lighting a Candle," will explore religion and politics and the varieties of religious experience on alternate Thursdays.

As social studies concentrator Eric T. Justin ’13 splits his semester between stormy Cairo and historic Jerusalem, he will share his insights on Middle Eastern politics on alternate Fridays. He hopes to emphasize under-covered stories with sharp relevancy to reality on the ground.

Charlotte C. Chang ’12 is a Germanic languages and literatures concentrator in Pforzheimer House. Her column, "World Wide Ed," will explore the creation of global citizens, the failures of educational relativism, and why we might not be as international as we think on alternate Tuesdays."


The intellectual life is most vibrant when it embraces the here and now. Join Ari R. Hoffman, a Ph.D. candidate in English, on alternate Thursdays for your fix of the sordid and sublime. "

Anita J Joseph ’12 is a social studies concentrator in Leverett House. Her column, "The Book of Joseph," will examine campus and world issues with wit and wisdom on alternate Mondays.

Doxa is what is held as common knowledge. Sarah C. Stein Lubrano 13's column, "Exodoxa," is about escaping it with a little philosophy.

Derek Bekebrede 13 is an economics concentrator in Winthrop House. In 1962, Ronald Reagan became a Republican. Read "A Time to Choose" and rendezvous with destiny.

Karthik Kasaraneni ’12 is a chemistry concentrator in Lowell House who mostly keeps to himself and will use his column to make groundless claims about complex science that he only kind of understands. His column, Karthink!, appears on alternate Thursdays.

Liz C. Bloom 12 is a social studies concentrator in Currier House. In “Bloom with a View,” she will critically and/or sarcastically examine student life at Harvard on alternate Mondays.

Alex R. Shams, an A.M. candidate in Middle Eastern Studies, researches gender and identity in the contemporary Middle East and will be writing about revolution, social movements, and civil liberties in the Arab World, Iran, and the United States on alternate Thursdays.