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The Art of the Hollywood Resurrection

Hollywood, in the last five years, has invented a new form of entertainment. Aside from a few lucky actors and


The Girl Next Door Directed by Luke Greenfield 20th Century Fox There is something slightly disconcerting about The Girl

Harvard Needs More Plugging In

It didn’t take long for me to realize there was something unusual—compulsive, even—about my TV viewing habits over spring break.

‘Passion’ in Context

In his 25 years as the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, a Sunni Muslim, consistently demonstrated support for violence against his

Movie Review

Perhaps my film-going companion summed it up best when, on his way out of The Last Samurai, he remarked that

Movie Review

In Elephant, director Gus Van Sant depicts what most Americans only imagined in the days after the Columbine High School

Baby, I Got Your Number

Just think of it. Exactly 100 years ago, back when F.D.R. was just a 21-year-old Harvard senior and the Red

Food and Drink

The Eminem Show

the year is 1995. Vanilla Ice is nothing more than a pop culture joke, Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.


All Mouth and No Brain

Ann Coulter is an expert on slander. Slander, after all, was the title of her second book, in which she


The Shame of Mary Robinson

In yet another display of the unfortunate double standard plaguing the current debate on the Middle East, former U.N. Human

Summers Takes a Stand, and a Day Off

Over the past year, his first as university president, Lawrence H. Summers, Harvard’s own “Ariel Sharon of higher education,” found


A Not So Nice Disney

“Someday my prince will come,” Snow White wholesomely sings in Disney’s first feature-length cartoon. Yes, irritated Z magazine writer Marlene


Carey Can Reclaim Diva-dom

For someone whose career has supposedly sunk to the bottom of the pop culture septic tank, Mariah Carey isn’t doing


A Super Sunday?

Professional sports, and football in particular, have never been my passion. It’s a dark—if poorly concealed—secret, and not one to


Can You Spell Me, Darryl Loomis

Can You Spell Me, Darryl Loomis?, the student-written comedy which played Jan. 4 and 5 at Radcliffe’s Agassiz Theater, operates