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Harvard Printing Office Strike

‘Can’t Survive on 5.5’: The Months-Long Printer Strike in 1974

The Harvard University Printing Office has been shuttered for over 20 years.  But in the spring of 1974, the Office dominated the local news when more than 30 printers went on strike for months.

Mammoth Graphic

Harvard and the Effort to Bring Back the Wooly Mammoth

Harvard Medical School professor George M. Church didn’t think that by the end of his breakfast in Harvard Square, he would have $100,000 to bring back the wooly mammoth.

Joe Kennedy III IOP

Former Congressman Joe Kennedy III Discusses Finding Political Common Ground at IOP Forum

Former Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III (D-Mass.) discussed the importance of respecting political differences and forging consensus by drawing on his experience as United States Special Envoy for Northern Ireland at a Harvard Institute of Politics forum on Tuesday evening.

Graham Allison IOP

Former HKS Dean Graham Allison Met With Chinese President Xi Jinping During Beijing Visit

Former Harvard Kennedy School Dean Graham T. Allison ’62 met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during a nine-day visit to Beijing late last month.

Robinson Hall

Harvard to Bring Back Introductory History Course for Fall Semester

The Harvard History department will resurrect an introductory undergraduate History course this fall after almost two decades.

LISE Building

Harvard, BU Physicists Create New Tool to Probe High-Pressure Superconductors

Harvard and Boston University professors developed a tool that enables researchers everywhere to make measurements of different phenomena in high-pressure environments such as earthquakes, phase transitions, and superconductors.