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Death Cafe Div School Photo
Around Town

Acid and Cake at the Death Cafe

Death Cafe provides an opening, if imperfect, for inquiry about finding meaning with or without religiosity.

Harvard Divinity School
Harvard Divinity School

Divinity School Harambee Group Hosts Screening of Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s New Docuseries

Faculty and staff from across Harvard gathered Tuesday night for a screening of Gospel, a new docuseries produced and hosted by University Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Yegvenia Albats
Fifteen Questions

Fifteen Questions: Yevgenia Albats on Journalism in the USSR, Freedom of the Press, and Her Bibliophilia

The journalist sat down with Fifteen Minutes to talk about her career, including being declared an enemy of the Russian state, investigative reporting on KGB officials, and her deep love of reading that was kindled in Widener Library’s basement. “In many countries, people are suffering because of their cruel leaders, because of injustice, because of poverty, because of absence of normal medical help,” she says. “Our job is to tell their stories.”

CGIS South File Photo

CGIS Hosts Seminar on Defensive Cooperation Between Indian Religious Groups

Researchers gathered for a joint seminar on South Asian politics held by Brown University, MIT, and Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs last Friday.

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No Country for Harvard Men

I felt like I had entered a thick and strange haze. Daily showers made me feel unnaturally clean, and I missed the smooth arc of the sun across the sky. I felt like a space alien walking down a crowded street and making small talk after class.

CGIS South

Harvard Davis Center Celebrates 75th Anniversary, Spotlights Ongoing Ukraine War

Dozens of students, affiliates, and alumni gathered on campus to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Harvard’s Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies this weekend.

Kenneth Roth Carr Center Human Rights 101
Central Administration

Former Human Rights Watch Head Critiques Harvard’s Response to Student Group Statement on War in Israel

Kenneth Roth, the former executive director of Human Rights Watch, critiqued Harvard University President Claudine Gay’s responses to a statement originally signed by 34 student groups that held Israel “entirely responsible” for a deadly attack by Hamas earlier this month.

Jenny Hoffman 1
The Scoop

So, Professor Hoffman is Running Across the Country (For the Third Time)

Physics professor Jenny Hoffman is attempting to break the Guinness world record for fastest transcontinental run by a woman.