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Brooke Ellison
Harvard Kennedy School

Disability Rights Activist Brooke Ellison Remembered as a Friend and Leader

Ellison, a disability rights activist and one of the first quadriplegic persons to attend Harvard, died on Feb. 4 in Stony Brook University Hospital in New York. She was 45. Ellison’s family announced her death and honored her “extraordinary life” in a Feb. 4 Facebook post.

Harvard SOCH

Harvard Kurdish Students Association Aims to Celebrate Kurdish Identity, Host Educational Events

Harvard College students formed the Kurdish Students Association last spring, with plans to host events that both reflect Kurdish history and share their experiences with the student body.

St. Paul's Parish

Catholic Chaplain Patrick Fiorillo To Step Down After Nearly 6 Years in Role

Patrick J. Fiorillo, the Undergraduate Catholic Chaplain, will step down from his role on May 31, he announced in a statement released on the Harvard Catholic Center website on Jan. 22.

Student Groups

Harvard Undergraduates Laud Intersectional ‘Affinity Spaces’ Hosted by QuOffice

Students praised the Office of BGLTQ Student Life’s fall semester “affinity spaces,” which enable queer undergraduates of overlapping intersectional identities to support each other, engage in dialogue, and discuss shared experiences.

Sex Week Opening 2021

Eleventh Annual Harvard Sex Week Titillates Campus

Harvard students gathered last week for the eleventh annual “Sex Week,” a weeklong series of events dedicated to sexual health and well-being, to discuss safer sex and sexual wellness, LGBTQ+ intimacy, and sexual pleasure.

Harvard Yard University Hall

Activist Group Our Harvard Can Do Better Expands Focus, Rebrands as Harvard Feminist Coalition

Our Harvard Can Do Better, an undergraduate campus group advocating against rape culture at Harvard, has rebranded as the Harvard Feminist Coalition, the organization announced on Oct. 30.

Harvard Kenneth C. Griffin Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Student Groups

A ‘Sick Joke’: LGBTQ+ Students Criticize Policy Mandating Adding ‘Griffin’ to LGBTQ@GSAS Club Name

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences was renamed for billionaire Kenneth C. Griffin ’89 following his $300 million donation in April — and soon, every recognized club at the school will also bear his name.

Gender Neutral Bathroom

Harvard Undergrads Launch Petition for Increased Access to Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms in Campus Buildings

The Harvard Undergraduate Queer Advocates launched a petition requesting increased access to gender-inclusive restrooms in major academic and residential buildings on campus in early April.

Scooter Policy

As Harvard College Puts the Brakes on Scooter Use, Undergrads Feel Kicked to the Curb

As Harvard College doubles down on its restrictions for the usage of bicycles, scooters, and other micromobility devices, some undergraduates are frustrated with security and convenience challenges brought on by the policy.

Weather: Harvard Yard
Student Life

‘An Act of Gratitude’: Harvard Honors Trans Day of Visibility with Advocacy, Discussion, and Celebration

Harvard students celebrated Trans Day of Visibility on March 31, attending a series of events during the week to honor the experiences of transgender people and raise awareness to the challenges they face.

Student Groups

Describing Gap in Current Activism, Harvard Undergraduates Form New Queer Advocacy Group

Acting on what they described as a gap in advocacy opportunities on campus, Harvard undergraduates are seeking to promote LGBTQ+ rights and activism through a new advocacy group, Harvard Undergraduate Queer Advocates.

Harvard College Women's Center

Harvard College Women’s Center Hosts 17th Annual Women’s Week

The Harvard College Women’s Center organized a series of events, titled “Embodied,” last week to celebrate its 17th annual Women’s Week.

IOP Forum LGBTQ Envoy

U.S. Special Envoy Jessica Stern Discusses Global LGBTQ+ Rights at Harvard IOP Forum

U.S. Special Envoy to Advance the Human Rights of LGBTQI+ Persons Jessica Stern discussed America’s leadership in global LGBTQ+ rights at a Wednesday Institute of Politics JFK Jr. Forum.

Datamatch 2023 Graphic

Using Datamatch, Thousands of Harvard Students Seek Romance, Friendship, and Free Food

Early in the morning on Valentine’s Day, more than 4,300 Harvard undergraduates eagerly awaited an email that could fundamentally alter the course of their lives: their Datamatch results.

Student Groups

Harvard Students Laud Social Transition Fund Designed to Support Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Students

Harvard undergraduates lauded the growing traction of the Social Transition Fund — a collaboration between Harvard College Queer Students and Allies, the Office of BGLTQ Student Life, and the Harvard Undergraduate Association — as a financial resource to help students purchase gender-affirming care and products.