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Full Body Cast Rocky Horror still

Feature: Boston’s Full Body Cast Rocks ‘Rocky Horror’

In the velvet darkness of the Boston Common AMC, there’s a guiding star no matter what or who you are.


‘I Am A Stalker’ Review: Putting the Truth Back in True Crime

Featuring a broad array of interviewees and an overall understated tone, “I Am A Stalker” at last presents a somewhat respectable option for true crime consumption.

"Sidney" Film Poster

‘Sidney' Review: Sidney Poitier Is A Trailblazer but ‘Sidney’ Refutes the Trail Blazed for Him

What happens when a beacon of light dies? The Oprah Winfrey produced, Reginald Hudlin directed documentary “Sidney” suggests that it continues to shine on the people it has warmed.

Elvis And Priscilla Announcement Thinkpiece Photo

Why Sofia Coppola’s ‘Priscilla’ Can’t Be Another Sugar-Coated Fan Film

Coppola’s announcement comes in the wake of a massive movement to re-empower a more traditional brand of femininity.