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Trap On Trial

Still, several questions remain unanswered: Do the supposed “traps” of trap music outweigh its value? Can you evaluate the “right” way to musically reconcile with injustice? How should Black Americans communicate exasperation and emergency and unrest?

Hide Your Wealth!

How to Hide Your Wealth: A Guide to Cosplaying as a Commoner

For those of you who share a last name with a hall or house on campus, change your Instagram handle from your first and last name to your first and middle. And, of course, have your roommates sign nondisclosure agreements.

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Lena Waithe and Unremarkable Black Art

While I could commend “Twenties” for its groundbreaking representation of queer Black womanhood, I prefer to not praise the show solely because of the gaps it fills.

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Issa Rae Frees Black Women From The Restraints of Respectability

“Rap Sh!t” is not concerned with racial uplift or respectability. It is a refreshingly real representation of the absurdities and contradictions of being an aspiring rapper, of survival, Miami, and girls from the hood.

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The Road to Reclamation, Reconciliation, and Reparations: A Conversation With Public Historian Hannah Scruggs

Public historian Hannah Scruggs sat with Fifteen Minutes to discuss historical sites, descendants of slavery, and Harvard's road to remedying its difficult past. “Public history can be a powerful space for connection and healing,” she says.

Queen Elizabeth in a Carriage

What The Hell Happened: The Queen’s Death Breaks the Internet

If you’re reading this, you outlived Queen Elizabeth II.