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Glenda Carpio
Fifteen Questions

Fifteen Questions: Glenda Carpio on Humor, Hum 10, and the Failure of “Success” Stories

The Chair of the English Department sat down with Fifteen Minutes to discuss rethinking the literary canon and immigrant narratives. “I was the lucky one, I survived,” she says. “What happens to those who are undone by the violence of having to be uprooted?"

Amy E. Chalán
The Scoop

Indigenous Language Reclamation Efforts Expand at Harvard

EMR 151: “Quechua, Indigenous language revitalization and Global Indigeneity” examines language as a tool to access Indigenous cultures, traditions of knowledge, and expressions of self.

Swati Goel 2

Fueled by Coconuts and Adrenaline, Swati Goel '25 Lives Her 'Biggest Dream' on Survivor

For Goel, the show has been a comfort since middle school — like “chicken soup,” she says. “It’s just the thing I would watch whenever I was upset or sad.” Auditioning for the show was a bucket-list item for her.

Real Visitas Design

How to Give Your Pre-Frosh the Real Harvard Experience

Where else can you actually take a class with a world-renowned professor, the one you gushed about in your Common App, only to discover that they don’t know how to teach?

New Republik 2
Around Town

Keeping it in the Bar Family: From the People’s Republik to the New Republik

The New Republik is the “second generation” of Cambridge’s iconic neighborhood bar, and at least thematically, it remains true to its predecessor. Communist soldiers gesture to patrons from Soviet-themed posters — taken directly from the original People’s Republik — which hang on the deep red walls.

Harvard Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
Food and Drink

Culinary Historian Michael Twitty Discusses African American Food Culture at Radcliffe Institute

Culinary author and historian Michael W. Twitty delivered a lecture on African and African American food history at a virtual event hosted by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Thursday.