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Yenching History

From the Institute of Geographical Exploration to East Asian Studies: A Retrospective on 2 Divinity Ave.

The map is centered on the Americas, and Asia is cut out almost entirely — curious for a building that houses East Asian Studies. Truthfully, it hints at the building’s complicated past.

Soyoung Lee Portrait

Fifteen Questions: Soyoung Lee on Harvard Art Museums, Korean and Japanese Ceramics, and Her Lost British Accent

Harvard Art Museums’ head curator Soyoung Lee chatted with Fifteen Minutes about her background, the curatorial process, and museum highlights. “That’s how I see museum work: it’s about translating the things that I’m familiar with for others,” she says. “It’s about the absorption of knowledge and partnerships and context of communications.”

Salena Prakah-Asante 1
Fifteen Superlative Seniors

Most Well-Rounded: Salena Prakah-Asante

From a young age, Prakah-Asante recalls, she’s had a desire to explore many realms of inquiry and expression.

Harvard Admissions Essays Scrut Cover

Rewriting Our Harvard Admissions Essays

In this series of introspections, six Crimson editors revisit the essays that got them into Harvard.

Skateboarding 3
Around Town

Shredding the Stereotypes: Boston’s All-Inclusive Skate Scene

Their goals are to meet everyone where they are, helping those new to the community get comfortable with skate culture without having to dive in head-first and to build connections across creative spaces.

Cambridge Harmonica Orchestra

‘Wonderful chaos’: The brief, brilliant rise of the Cambridge Harmonica Orchestra

The Cambridge Harmonica Orchestra, a historic gem of the Cambridge music scene, had its glorious debut more than 40 years ago. Well known for their vibrant yellow jackets and laid-back attitudes, this group of musicians hopped between bars and music fests, bringing the blues harp to Cambridge and beyond.

Cambridge Public Library
The Scoop

Cambridge Public Library Goes Fine-Free

As of Oct. 19, the Cambridge Public Library has begun piloting a program to abolish fees on most late return items, excluding those borrowed through an interlibrary loan.

Annenberg Hall
Around Town

Magic in the Halls of Harvard

"‘It is required you do awake your faith.’ You have to buy into the theatrical illusion; you have to suspend your disbelief.”

Maya Jasanoff

Maya Jasanoff On Finding the ‘Story in History’

Maya R. Jasanoff ’96 explains the connection between historical writing and novel writing, and her work chairing the Booker Prize.