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Freshman Smoker Cover

The Rise and Fall of the Freshman Smoker

Organized by the Freshman Smoker Committee and originally held in the Harvard Union building, the Freshman Smoker originated as an event for freshmen to socialize and, of course, smoke.

Kevin Jiang
The Scoop

Build First, Ask Questions Later

The team at Nya Labs is busy tapping into the influencer space in a different way — by developing a platform that allows fans to purchase Non-Fungible Tokens from their favorite content creators.


“Look Back and See Who You Can Help Up”: A Glimpse into the Life of Archie C. Epps

Archie C. Epps III was one of few Black senior administrators in Harvard's history, becoming Dean of Students in 1971. At age 32, he was one of the youngest appointments in the school’s history — and his term as dean one of the most eventful.

Banksy exhibit 3
Around Town

Street Art Without the Street

An anonymous street artist from Bristol and a product of its vibrant 1990s underground scene, Banksy creates art with anti-authoritarian and anti-consumerist messages, often using graffiti as his medium.

The Scoop

The Podcast that Lived

“When we are open to reading a text as sacred, we are willing to learn from it, and not just about it."

Student Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe

'Ad Astra': Marking the Passage of Time with STAHR

The Loomis-Michael Observatory, only accessible via a stairway and a registered HUID, sits on the 10th floor of the Science Center. Named after Walter Michael, who donated the telescope itself, and Lee Loomis, who funded its installation, the observatory is now operated and maintained by Student Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe, a student-run organization which hopes to allow Harvard students to learn about astronomy and appreciate the night sky.

Car Crash Levity

It's Hard to Find Parking on Bow Street

Late one lukewarm October night, a car careened off of Mount Auburn Street and crashed into the building of a semi-secret Sorrento Square social organization that used to occasionally publish a so-called humor magazine.