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Flyby Tries: Journaling Everyday For A Week

Ahh, journals. The perfect place for pre-teen nostalgia of middle school crushes, high school teenage angst of hating everyone, college rants, vents, and emotional breakdowns. Be it a bullet, digital, or normal journal, journals are always there for you. Journaling die-hards (journal-hards??) promise it improves mental health and emotional stability, so I decided to try journaling for a week to see how it impacts my ~mental health~.

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Recreating HUDS Dishes: Chocolate Desserts Edition

Whether you're missing HUDS meals or not, it's no question that we're all missing those incredible HUDS desserts. If you can't get a friend on campus to smuggle you a cookie bar or two, fret not! We've got some recipes to help fill the void in the meantime.

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How To: Actually Get Something Out of Virtual Visitas

For another year, Visitas is being held in the comfort of your own home. What could be better than listening to how ~transformative~ your years at Harvard will be while chilling in your pajamas in bed? Although it may be tempting to sign into Zoom and podcast the sessions as you do something else (maybe listen to the new Taylor Swift album?), we compiled a couple things that hopefully will help you actually get something out of Virtual Visitas.

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Flyby Remembers: Best and Worst Trends from the Beginning of Quarantine

March 11 marked one year since the WHO officially declared Covid-19 a global pandemic. In true human fashion, we found solace in baking various types of bread, rediscovering our New Year’s resolutions and eating blueberries with ice. If you aren’t living under a rock, then you probably tried one or more of these trends. We took a trip down memory lane and compiled a list of the best and worst of trends from the beginning of quarantine.

Mather Ext 2021

Mather House

Don’t let its cinder block-esque architecture fool you, this House is the place to be! From Mather Lather and Happy Hour to spacious singles and Straus Cup wins, Mather can truly do it all.

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Flyby Everywhere: My Passport Probably Thinks I'm Dead

As an international freshman, my feet have yet to step on Cambridge soil — the closest I’ve been to Harvard is through Snapchat stories during Virtual Visitas.  So naturally, instead of spending my Saturday night doing a math pset due the next day, I spent two hours Google Earth-ing Harvard Yard. I even went on a virtual tour of Harvard’s campus.

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Flyby’s Top Hits: Valentine’s Day 2021 Edition

With Valentine's Day classics, new hits, and everything in between — Flyby's Valentine's Day Playlist 2021 is sure to please. Put it on at your next Palentine's Day Zoom party, or send it to that cutie on Tinder so maybe they'll finally ask you to be their Valentine.

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Actually Good Questions to Ask International Students Instead of “So What’s the Time Over There?”

Although we appreciate the looks of awe and well-meaning pity when other students find out that we do, in fact, stay up for 12 a.m. classes and 3 a.m. club meetings, try out these better conversation starters than, “Woah, what time is it over there?” to chat up the international freshmen in your Zoom class or club.