{shortcode-bf31c9e6de156f240d78ec57979a6cf1aa47593e} Getting your acceptance letter from Harvard comes with a range of emotions — excitement, relief, panic, followed by a moment of calm and quiet as the news starts to settle in. After such a monumental moment that may be accompanied by some tears, laughter and hugs, what do you do next? How can you respond to getting into Harvard? Flyby has got you covered with five things you can do immediately after getting into Harvard.

Pretend you haven’t opened your letter and do it again, this time filming a well-curated reaction video. Make your followers jealous and your future classmates cringe. After all, you need hard evidence of the moment. Plan it ahead of time, and most importantly, study Flyby’s article on How To: Get the Best Acceptance Reaction Video before you hit record.

Follow every and all Harvard Instagram accounts. Start with @flybyblog (obviously). Then head over to Dean Khurana’s account — start figuring out ways to be spontaneously featured. Check out the IG pages of clubs you are interested in joining, maybe an a capella group, a pre-professional club (for all you type-A students), or The Crimson (specifically, @flybyblog. Wait, I said that already).

Tell every friend or family member who will listen. Call that long-lost cousin of yours who you haven’t ever actually met in person. Reach out to your elementary school crush who you haven’t talked to in a couple of years. Shout it from the rooftops. Everyone needs to know.

If you are local, get to Harvard and take pictures around campus. Drive those 15 minutes to Cambridge. Or, if you are super local, walk from your house to the Yard. For all non-locals, international students, and out-of-state students alike, consider photoshopping yourself into stock images of Harvard’s campus. These will be perfect for your Facebook post introducing yourself to your future classmates.

Accept the offer. Kidding. Consider your options. Make a pros and cons list of the schools you are considering. Reflect on what you want out of college. Talk to people about your decision, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you.

The best thing you should probably do after getting into Harvard is do some thorough research of Flyby’s content. Flyby will give you the brutally honest version of everything you need to know about student life, extracurriculars, Harvard’s campus, the dorms, our food, the rats, and much more. Flyby will be your trusted companion as you deal with the aftermath of getting admitted to Harvard.