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Arts Vanity: The Dilettante’s Guide to Tasteful Cycling

What follows is a list of insights and recommendations for maximizing the artistic experience of riding a bike.

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The Call to Adventure

There isn’t a better metaphor in the world for overcoming obstacles and ascending from melancholic depths than climbing a mountain. Or seven of them.

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On Campus

Spanish 150 Students Curate Exhibit on Migration in Boylston Hall

The exhibit attempts to parse through the perpetual “bombardment of images” we consume regarding migration, according to Raquel Vega-Durán, who chairs the Faculty Advisory Committee for Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights.

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What the Hell Happened: Tom Brady Retired, Unretired, And Retired Again

We must face the reality at the bottom of the social media madness: A legend has retired, and he’s left big cleats to fill.

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What the Hell Happened: A Personality Quiz Inspired Adele’s Divorce

You know that moment when you pick up a magazine, take a little personality quiz, and then decide to get a divorce? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

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Arts Vanity: My Life as an Amateur Interior Dorm Designer

Many underestimate the power of a few household garnishes here and there, but interior dorm design isn’t something one can pick up willy-nilly.

Vamps After Midnight

‘Vamps After Midnite!’ Review: Tacky But Unique Beyond Measure

“Vamps After Midnite!” artfully weaves together parody with impressive individual performance, ultimately distinguishing itself by embracing the humor in burlesque’s sheer outrageousness.

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‘Hero’ Retrospective: A Timeless Meditation on Art and War

In “Hero,” director Zhang Yimou delivers a martial arts film that transcends genre, time, and the laws of gravity.

On Campus

Red Bull’s “Dance Your Style” Event Brings Freestyle, Optimism, and Community to Boston

Despite the intensity of the matchups, the evening was characterized by smiles, hugs, and supportive interactions between dancers.

Miami Heat Uniform

Top 5: Sports Jerseys Right Now

The Arts Board has selected the best jersey from each of the U.S.’s five major sports leagues in circulation right now so that you can pick a favorite.

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Bob Odenkirk on the Average Joes in Action and His Upcoming Movie, ‘Nobody’

On March 19, The Harvard Crimson joined Odenkirk as part of a virtual roundtable to discuss his foray into the realm of action entertainment, the production experience, and the significance of representing the “nobodies” of the world.

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‘News of the World’ Review: A Humble Reminder of The Power of Storytelling

“News of the World” transcends its modest Western derivation to deliver a poignant tale about building connections where humanity is scarce, affirming the beauty and importance of storytelling along the way.

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The Super Bowl: A Museum of American Culture

Super Bowl LV may have been unabashed and concerningly American at times, but that’s why it’s important.

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Portrait of an Artist: Eric P. Trueheart '91

The Harvard Crimson sat down with Eric to discuss his talents across mediums, the genre of science fiction, and what a life in entertainment looks like.

"I Would Leave Me If I Could"

‘I Would Leave Me If I Could’ Stays Top of Mind

No one statement could possibly capture the depth, turbulence, and intensity of emotion Halsey shares with readers throughout her first collection of poetry.