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Harvard Study Reveals Octopi Can 'Taste' by Touch

Harvard researchers found that octopi use a family of specialized cells called chemotactile receptors to “taste” using their sense of touch when employing their arms.

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Researchers Find Outpatient Visits Are Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Harvard researchers discovered that the level of outpatient visits has largely returned to pre-pandemic numbers.

Med Student Learning

Harvard Researchers Discover New Genetic Source of Tissue Formation

The finding could have momentous implications for developing disease treatments, according to experts, allowing for a better understanding of how cells divide and form larger tissues.

The Chan School
School of Public Health

Harvard Researchers Find High Optimism Levels Lower Risk of Hypertension

Harvard researchers identified a potential link between optimism levels and risk of hypertension in a study published last month.

Wyss Malaria Test

Wyss Researchers Develop Malaria Diagnostic Procedure Capable of Differentiating Malaria Species

Researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute developed a new diagnostic test that detects and distinguishes between species of malaria parasites.


Harvard Scientists Help Discover Potential Signs of Life on Venus

Researchers at Harvard, MIT, Cardiff University, and other institutions have discovered potential signs of life on Venus in the form of phosphine gas in the planet’s atmosphere.

HMS Gordon Hall

HMS Researchers Discover Link Between Autism and Cholesterol

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have discovered a new genetic link between a subtype of autism spectrum disorder and abnormal regulation of blood cholesterol levels.

Catalytic Coating

Harvard Researchers Develop Potential Virus-Neutralizing Purifier Inspired by Butterfly Wings

A new coating technology developed by researchers at the Wyss Institute — an engineering research center at Harvard — and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences could soon be used to develop air purification devices.

Broad Institute

Broad Researchers Identify February Biogen Conference as Source of Tens of Thousands of COVID-19 Cases

Broad Institute researchers identified a conference held by the Cambridge-based company Biogen in February as a “superspreading” event for COVID-19 that caused tens of thousands subsequent cases in the Boston area.


Wyss Researchers Develop Vaccine Platform Potentially Effective Against COVID-19 and Other Diseases

Researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute are developing a vaccine structure that could more effectively combat COVID-19 and other viruses.

HMS Gordon Hall

Harvard Researchers Create First County-Level Nationwide COVID-19 Policy Dataset

Harvard researchers have released the first county-level map showing nationwide data on policies established to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Harvard School of Public Health
School of Public Health

Harvard Researchers Reveal Unequal Impact of COVID-19 on Black and Latinx Americans

Americans have lost more than 170,000 years of potential life due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with Black and Latinx people bearing the brunt of that toll, Harvard researchers determined in a study released June 12.

Science Center Plaza in Spring

Faculty and Admins Plan New D&I Initiatives Following ShutDownSTEM Meetings

Harvard faculty and administrators working in STEM fields say they are planning new initiatives to increase diversity and inclusivity in their fields after participating in ShutDownSTEM, a nationwide campaign dedicated to combating systemic racism in academia.

Lieber Graphic
Front Middle Feature

The Arrest of a Harvard Professor

Experts say the "academic espionage" case of Charles M. Lieber, the former chair of Harvard's Chemistry department, speaks volumes to souring U.S.-China relations.

Science Center

Wyss Researchers Could Contribute 200,000 COVID-19 Tests per Day by May Using New Nasal Swab

Medical centers around the United States will begin testing a cheap and easily produced nasal swab for COVID-19 diagnostics designed by scientists at Harvard’s Wyss Institute next week.