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Playa Bowls
Harvard Square

Playa Bowls Surfs into Harvard Square

Playa Bowls, an açaí bowl shop, opened its first Cambridge location on Mt. Auburn Street Saturday.

Harvard Square
Harvard Square

Cambridge Small Businesses Face Increasing Economic Pressures During Reopening

As many Massachusetts retailers, hair salons, and diners reopen, Cambridge business owners say the pandemic has forced them to reimagine how they operate.

Pandemic History Graphic
Commencement 2020

‘Foci of Infection’: Harvard’s History of Infectious Diseases, Explained

Coronavirus marks only the latest chapter in a long history of campus responses to infectious disease, from smallpox in the 1700s to swine flu in 2009, though no outbreak has ever before precipitated such a large-scale and long-term closure.

City Hall File Photo
City Politics

Cambridge City Council Discusses Harvard Square Zoning Proposal at Special Meeting

The Cambridge City Council Ordinance Committee convened a special meeting Tuesday to push forward a zoning amendment that attempts to support and increase the number of local businesses within Harvard Square.

Papyrus Closing 2
Harvard Square

Harvard Square Papyrus Folds Following Stationary Sales

Papyrus, a stationery store on John F. Kennedy Street in Harvard Square, will permanently shutter its doors.

Flat Patties
Harvard Square

Asian Sandwich Shop Fóumami to Replace Flat Patties

The new Square location is an expansion of the original Fóumami, which opened in 2010 and occupies a space at 225 Franklin Street in Boston’s Financial District.

David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies

Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies Cancels Chile January Program Due to Mass Protest

The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies cancelled its January program in Chile due to ongoing protests in the country, according to the center’s website.

New Lowell from the Courtyard

Response and ECHO Move Back to Lowell Post-Renovation

Two Harvard peer counseling groups — Response and Eating and Concerns Hotline and Outreach — recently returned to a newly renovated Lowell House.

Ilan Levy

Ilan Levy

Software engineer Ilan Levy said he developed an interest in politics when he moved to Cambridge 18 years ago. Now, he is one of 22 candidates running for Cambridge City Council in an election Nov. 5.

University Hall

Harvard Professor Wins Biomedical Science Award

Rockefeller University named Harvard Chemistry Professor Xiaowei Zhuang as the 2019 recipient of the Pearl Meister Greengard Prize — an international award celebrating women in biomedical science.

HMS Gordon Hall
Sciences Division

Harvard Professors Win Lifetime Achievement Award in Neuroscience

Catherine Dulac and Michael Greenberg have independently researched how mechanisms in the brain influence social behavior and developmental disorders.