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Cambridge City Council

Cambridge Police Report Shows Department Owns Military Rifles and Armored Vehicle

Among the inventory are 63 Colt M4 rifles, 11 sniper rifles, 18 MP5 submachine guns, and one Lenco Bearcat — a $350,000 armored vehicle.

Cambridge Police

Cambridge Police Union Opposed Police Reform Bill on Social Media, Warning of ‘Purge’

Cambridge Police Patrol Officers Association— the union representing Cambridge Police Department officers — denounced a new police reform bill on Facebook last Wednesday, writing of a “purge that will come” if the bill is passed.

Harvard Square
Square Business

As Pandemic Pressures Mount, Businesses Bid Harvard Square Goodbye

After more than three months since the initial outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Cambridge, many local businesses have struggled to stay open, with a few even closing their doors permanently.

Cambridge City Hall
City Politics

City Council Votes to Pause Hiring of Vacant Jobs in Cambridge Police Department

The Cambridge City Council voted Monday to temporarily pause the hiring of vacant positions in the Cambridge Police Department and begin filling positions in the Housing Liaison Office, Community Development Department, and Central Square Library.

Cambridge May Crime Graph

As Summer Approaches, Reported Crime Rate Rises in Cambridge

Cambridge police officers responded to nearly 200 incidents during the month of May, marking the highest monthly crime total of 2020, according to CPD’s monthly crime report.

Cambridge May Crime Graph

Cambridge May Crime Graph

Crimes in Cambridge increased from April to May, per a monthly City report.

Harvard Square
Harvard Square

Cambridge Small Businesses Face Increasing Economic Pressures During Reopening

As many Massachusetts retailers, hair salons, and diners reopen, Cambridge business owners say the pandemic has forced them to reimagine how they operate.

Cambridge Police

Order Requires Cambridge Police to Intervene When An Officer Uses Unreasonable Force

Cambridge Police officers are now required to attempt to stop their colleagues from using unreasonable force, Police Commissioner Branville G. Bard, Jr. announced in a General Order Monday.

Cambridge Barber Shop

Central Barber Shop’s Fred Iannacone Dies at 78

Longtime barber Alfred J. “Fred” Iannacone Jr. — a familiar presence at Cambridge’s Central Barber Shop — died of COVID-19 on April 20 at the age of 78.

Smith Center Graphic
Commencement 2020

Defining Public and Private in the Smith Campus Center

Smith Campus Center planners intended to create both a Harvard-focused community center and a public building open to Cambridge residents, but controversies over the treatment of non-affiliates and homeless individuals have highlighted the difficulty of striking that balance.

Town-Gown Graphic
City Politics

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Town and Gown Cooperate

As the coronavirus pandemic forces retailers to close and students to evacuate campus, the city of Cambridge must rely more heavily on the University to weather the pandemic.

Empty Cambridge 10

In April, Theft Surged as Cambridge Residents Stayed at Home

Packages and bikes went missing in April as Cambridge residents stayed home.

Russel House Tavern
Cambridge City Council

City Announces $3.6 Million in Small Business Relief Programs

The City of Cambridge and Cambridge Redevelopment Authority will provide $3.6 million to assist small businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, the city announced Tuesday.

Cambridge Street

Cambridge Police Superintendent Apologizes for Profane Weekend Tweet

Cambridge Police Superintendent Jack Albert apologized on Monday evening for sending an inadvertent message on the department’s Twitter account which called Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III (D-Mass.) a “jerk” and U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) a “clown.”

Cambridge Street

Cambridge Police Department Apologizes for Tweet Calling Kennedy a ‘Jerk’ and Markey a ‘Clown’

A member of the Cambridge Police Department inadvertently tweeted from the official CPD account on Sunday afternoon criticizing United States Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III (D-Mass.) and U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.).