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Datamatch 2019
Flyby Blog

Datamatch Etiquette

Social situations are already stressful, but dates bring that stress (and awkwardness) to a whole new level. What's a socially-inhibited student to do when faced with Datamatch, Harvard's social-skills American Ninja Warrior?

Roving Reporter: Freshmen Prepare for Housing Day 2018
College Life

Roving Reporter: Freshmen Prepare for Housing Day 2018

Serious Reporters
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Roving Reporter: How Are Freshmen Preparing for Housing Day?

Do their moms know they are participating in River Run? Do their moms know what River Run is?

Do Harvard Students Have Love Lives?
Flyby Blog

Roving Reporter: Do Harvard Students Have Love Lives?

Two thirds of Harvard freshmen are virgins. For Valentine's Day, Flyby does some roving reporting to see if this statistic rings true.

Primal Scream
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Give Me Primal Scream, or Give Me Death

Larry Bacow shut down Tufts's Naked Quad Run. Could Primal Scream be next?

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Freshmen, Lower Your Datamatch Expectations

Although you may think Datamatch will hook you up with someone well-suited to your interests and personality, it may instead hook you up with someone you will occasionally make eye contact with in the D-hall for semesters to come.

Grateful and Fries

The Curious Case of the Grill Burger

Charred, raw, or just right, it's hard to know what you'll get.

Super Bowl Celebrations
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Super Bowl LII Drinking Game

Fiercely rooting for the Eagles or the Pats? Or just rooting for an excuse to get pleasantly blackout? We've got just the Super Bowl drinking game for you.

McGriddle or MOY?
Hasty Pudding Theatricals

Better Ways to Spend $200 Than on Man of the Year

Gearing up for the Hasty Pudding's Man of the Year festivities? Now, hold on a minute. Before you drop your $200, consider some alternate avenues for your cash money.

Rest in Peace Hebrew Bible
Flyby Blog

Pour One Out for Hebrew Bible

With a mean workload of 2.5 hours, Hebrew Bible was a beacon of hope for students aiming to lessen their academic burden and raise their GPA.

Harvard Lampoon
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Dismissing the Cold Weather Conversation Starter

As winter break comes approaches its end, we're all wondering if there's anything left to say about coming back to Harvard that doesn't involve the weather.

Where my grades at?
Flyby Blog

Open Letter To Professors Who Haven't Posted Grades Yet

I diligently crammed my Q in at 11:57 on the 20th of December, and I fully expected you to keep your end of the deal.

Mather House Library
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Study Spot: Mather House Library

Mather House may be "ugly," but its Library is not.

Mather House Library
Flyby Blog

Mather House Library

Mather House's library is a hidden study spot treasure.

The End of an Era

The Game at Fenway: The Solution No One Needed

Can you imagine kids rushing the field from the top of the Green Monster? Get a couple Four Lokos in you, and anything seems possible.