Great Grape Debate

Sour Grapes: Harvard Students Pound the Table Over Table Grape Boycott

On Dec. 3, 1997, Harvard College undergraduates gathered at the polls to vote on the fate of a small but powerful presence of Sunday brunch: grapes.

Ramadan Iftar Dinner at the SOCH
Student Groups

‘A Very Communal Time’: Muslim Harvard Students Gather for Ramadan Celebrations Across Campus

At Harvard, Muslim students, faculty, and other affiliates are coming together to break the fast at school-sponsored meals at the Student Organization Center at Hilles and student-planned events at undergraduate houses around campus.

Dunster Dining Hall Servery

Harvard College Dining Revamp, New Food Options Draw Measured Praise from Students

On Feb. 15, Harvard University Dining Services debuted a revamped menu and a slew of other changes to undergraduate meal offerings, including a more diverse variety of food options, themed brunches, and customizable, deconstructed dinners.

Dunster 2022 Dining Hall

Harvard Dining to Offer Expanded Meal Options in Spring Semester in Response to Survey

Harvard University Dining Services announced on Tuesday that it will roll out an array of updates to meal offerings for the spring semester, including new lunch options and international-themed brunches and dinners.

Quincy Hot Breakfast

Harvard Students and Dining Hall Workers Call for Hot Breakfast Expansion to All Houses

Nearly 2,000 Harvard students have signed onto a petition advocating for hot breakfast service across all upperclassman dining halls.

Lehman Hall GSAS

HUDS Pilots New Expanded Meal Plan for Graduate Students

Harvard University Dining Services rolled out a new graduate meal program this fall, which features expanded offering of campus cafe locations and extends to Harvard Extension School students.


Harvard Athletics Director Discusses Student-Athlete Inclusion in Larger Student Body

Following a 2020 Athletics Department review that found many student-athletes feel a disconnect with the broader student body, the Athletic Department wants to boost the interaction between student-athletes and the rest of campus, according to Harvard Athletics Director Erin McDermott.

Hummus Protest

Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine Protests Sabra Hummus in Harvard Yard

Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine held a rally in Harvard Yard Tuesday to call on the University to stop serving Sabra hummus in its dining halls due to the company’s ties to the Israeli Defense Forces.

Updates to Covid Protocols
House Life

Harvard Dining Halls Return to Full Capacity as Omicron Wanes

After making it through two weeks of the semester without a major spike in Covid-19 cases, Harvard loosened some of its public health restrictions last Friday. Undergraduates will now be able to eat in full-capacity dining halls and their testing cadence was reduced to twice per week.

jan's grab n go brain break

jan's grab n go brain break

Grab-and-Go Waste 1
On Campus

Grab-and-Go Dining Sparks Concerns About Waste

Harvard students raised concerns about the waste produced by grab-and-go meals in the past two weeks, citing the accumulating trash produced by plastic to-go containers.

Currier House Social Distancing
House Life

Harvard Dining Halls To Reopen With Socially Distanced Seating

Harvard will reopen its undergraduate dining halls with socially distanced seating beginning on Tuesday, the Dean of Students Office announced Monday night.

Grab-and-Go Dining
Food and Drink

Grab-and-Go Dining

Students obtain dinner from Eliot House dining hall on Thursday.

Grab-and-Go Dining

Quad Students Struggle With Grab-and-Go Dining

Quad students residing in Pforzheimer, Currier, and Cabot Houses reported difficulties finding places to eat between classes after Harvard’s dining halls began offering exclusively grab-and-go meals.

Cashin Family Dining Hall

Harvard Students Return to Changed Campus Covid Restrictions

Harvard students returned to Cambridge en masse over the last week to significantly-changed campus Covid-19 restrictions.