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Endpaper: The Myth of Enzysan

However beautiful the sink was when I last left it, it returns to crumbling decadence, the porcelain gleam covered by mounds of soap residue and dried saliva. And don’t get me started on the toilet.



Bridging the Gap, Hugo Van Vuuren, Lebone, STOP

Harvard-Affiliated Xfund Raises $100 Million, Expands to Silicon Valley

A Harvard-affiliated seed-stage venture capital firm with an office in Maxwell Dworkin announced Thursday that it is launching its second fund with $100 million in new capital and has opened an additional office in Silicon Valley.

Cherry Murray

Murray To Resign as SEAS Dean at Year's End

Murray has served as dean since July 2009 and is the second dean this year to announce her impending departure, following the announcement earlier this month that David T. Ellwood ’75 will resign as dean of the Kennedy School of Government at the end of the academic year.

SEAS Will Move to Allston Science Complex

Two-Thirds of SEAS Faculty Will Move to Allston in 2019

Computer science, biomedical engineering, and mechanical engineering faculty and facilities will move to Allston in 2019, SEAS officials said.

SEAS Moves To Allston

Task Force Readies Class Scheduling Change Proposals

In two of the proposals, the majority of FAS classes would meet in 90-minute blocks twice a week, over four days. The third would make few scheduling changes and is “very similar” to the current schedule

Cherry Murray

White House Honors SEAS Dean

Murray, who is one of the eight recipients of the medal for 2014, will receive the award at a ceremony at the White House later this year.


SEAS Adds Five Faculty Members

Continuing its growth, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences added five new faculty members to its roster this fall, three of whom are women.

Facebook Friends?

Freshman Survey Part IV: Liberals, Virgins, and Facebook Fanatics

Exploring political opinions, drug and alcohol habits, sexual activity, and the role of technology, Part IV looks at how the newest members of the Harvard community live and view their lives away from the classroom.

SEAS Protest

Protesters Sing Honeybeelujahs Against Robobees

Members of the activist group known as the Church of Stop Shopping protested a research project focused on creating and studying insect-like robots on Tuesday.

Cherry Murray

Dean of SEAS Joins Board of Directors for Photonics Company

Cherry Murray, dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, joined the board of directors for Newport Corporation last week, a technology company that specializes in providing hardware for photonics and optics research.


Journalist Criticizes Rise of Sponsored Content in Media

Andrew Sullivan, who founded the online journalism website The Dish, heavily criticized traditional media outlets for publishing sponsored content.

Yardfest 2014
Student Life

Janelle Monáe To Headline Yardfest

The R&B and soul musician will be the headlining act at Yardfest 2014, according to a video posted by the College Events Board on its website late Thursday night.


SEAS Task Force Report Outlines Preliminary Vision for Allston Campus

The vision, laid out in a Jan. 20 draft report by the SEAS Teaching and Community Space Task Force obtained by The Crimson, calls specifically for the creation of classroom spaces that will allow for “active learning” and the incorporation of recreational areas.

Persis Smith Hall

Kirkland House Celebrates 100th Year, JCR Renamed

The ceremony, which took place Friday night in the house’s junior common room, also marked the renaming of the room as the Finnegan Family JCR in honor of Paul J. Finnegan ’75, a former Kirkland resident, prominent University donor, and current member of the Harvard Corporation.