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Cordelia F. Mendez

Endpaper: My Fairytale Ending

At some point, perhaps halfway through college, I realized I didn’t need to fall head over heels in love because I already was in love.

Adam Hochschild

15 Minutes with Adam Hochschild

For me, it’s all about finding the right cast of characters. If I can find a group of people who lived through an extraordinary time and bring those people alive, then I feel I’m doing my job.


Take Me To Church

Everyone acknowledges that the College is a difficult and a challenging place to navigate; HCFA can offer students a helping hand for that journey, albeit one deeply tinged with Christian belief.


Gen Ed v. Sex Ed

Gen Ed v. Sex Ed

The Harvard Crimson

The Passing of the FM Torch

CORDELIA F. MENDEZ ’16 , Chair I’m not going to say Cordelia F. Mendez ’16 could run the world, but I’m confident that she could at least run the country. That’s because Cordelia is easily one of the most competent people you will ever meet. And if you haven’t met her yet, then you should, because she is as smiley and friendly as she is capable.


15 Things FM Taught Us This Year

This year, we learned some things that you should know.

"Veritas" - Diversity Issue

The Diversity Issue

Fifteen Minutes Magazine explores the state of diversity at Harvard by examining the past and present.

"Veritas" - Diversity Issue
FM Issue Cover

"Veritas" - Diversity Issue


Coordinates: Huntsville, Al.

The drive from Huntsville to Atlanta takes somewhere between three and a half and four hours, depending on how backed up I-75 is, and how scenic you’re looking to get.

Crimson Comeback
Women's Ice Hockey

Upset Game of the Year: Women's Ice Hockey Defeats Boston College To Win the Beanpot

On Nov. 28, 2014, then-No. 1/1 Boston College handed the then-No. 7/7 Harvard women’s ice hockey team the most punishing loss it would see all season. But in the rematch at the Bright-Landry Hockey Center with a Beanpot title on the line, the Crimson delivered.

Year in Review

Editor's Note

This issue is supposedly the Year in Review, so I guess we reviewed some things this year.

Year in Review

Liquor License at Felipe's

With my U.S. Passport Card (for those of us who do not drive) and a fellow over-21 friend in hand, I hit the bar at Felipe’s to see if the Square’s favorite burrito joint can grow up into a hub of nightlife.

Forward Looking

What's Next for Women's Hockey?

“What’s next?” is a question applicable far outside the land of Bartlet and Toby and C.J. and Sam and Josh and Leo. It’s one I asked myself after the end of the Harvard women’s ice hockey team’s loss to Minnesota, 4-1, in the title game of the NCAA tournament on Sunday afternoon in Minneapolis.

Mama Miye
Women's Ice Hockey

Women's Hockey Sweeps Yale in ECAC Quarterfinals

Unlike last year's dramatic three-game series with the Bulldogs, the Crimson swiftly took down Yale in consecutive contests to advance to the ECAC semifinals.

Women's Ice Hockey

Women's Hockey Seizes Control of ECAC in Final Road Trip

With wins over Cornell and Colgate this weekend, the Crimson extended its lead in the ECAC to three points with just two games left to be played.