How’s it hanging? Welcome to this, the glossiest issue of Fifteen Minutes, a publication that Maia once drunkenly described as “the weekend magazine of The Crimson.” She holds up well. We colored each and every page of each and every copy of it with our own Crayolas. Bailey ate the yellow-green crayon and Cordelia broke the green-yellow one. Sorry, Juliet Nelson—we’ll reimburse you.

This issue is supposedly the Year in Review, so I guess we reviewed some things this year. You’ll find a thoughtful selection of events and farces of 2014- 2015 from A-Z. Literally. Like, actually literally. Literally, this is a book that goes from A-Z with just a few interruptions. You can use it to teach toddlers the alphabet, as long as you’re cool with them thinking there are extra letters and photos in thealphabet.

If you’re looking for lots of laughs, check out our style guide for looking like a Franciscan monk. That’s for the letter F. Here’s a tip: Tonsures. Just kidding, there’s none of that, because Bailey’s worried about going bald. But if you are looking for the funnies, we’ve got those in store.

We’ve also got the tears, the fears, the tears for fears, the blues, and even the mean reds. Especially the mean reds. For something more serious, we have a lot of photo spreads, so you can practice your poker face whilst perusing them. For something even more serious, a map of Snapchat geofilters.

It’s broken 60 degrees in Cambridge, so bundle up and wear a hat. Don’t forget sunscreen! Your mom says thank you.

Bon amie, belles de nuit! Peace up! A-Town Down,

Cordelia F. Mendez and Bailey M. Trela