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Words of wisdom from some of FM's soon-to-depart seniors.


A Survivor is Born

In the face of terror, it is essential to remind yourself of your ability, whether what scares you is writing a conclusion to your thesis or cauterizing an abdominal wound on the fly. Sitting under the fluorescent lights of my dorm room as I fumbled through Tomb Raider, I heard Lara’s words and I felt their importance.

Doyle's Cafe
Food and Drink

Wish You Were Beer

The tour is brisk, our guide chipper. We taste roasted barley, and are subjected to a series of very low-stakes pop quizzes. (“What does water do to beer?” “That’s right, folks, it makes it a liquid!”) The guide passes around cupfuls of hops and instructs us to sift it through our fingers, which leaves my hands feeling (and smelling) like the floor of the Sigma Chi basement.

Doyle's Cafe

Doyle's Cafe

The Samuel Adams "Boston Lager" was first put on tap at Doyle's Cafe located in Jamaica Plain.

The Signature Beer

The Signature Beer

Samuel Adams's "Boston Lager," their signature, bestselling brew, was first in the round of three tastes tests included on the brewery tour.

Student Life

October Horoscopes

Always keenly attuned to the spiritual needs of our readers, Fifteen Minutes gazed skyward this week to assess the future. The best way to consult the oracles, we have learned, is by lounging on divans with sweet Ganymede, Zeus’s cupbearer, at our elbows.

Climate March
Termtime Postcards

Postcards From the People's Climate March

“This is what an ecosocialist looks like.”

Food and Drink

Drinky-Drink: Concentrations

Advising Fortnight, now winding its way to a close, is that brief and wondrous period when concentrations vie for the attention of College students, before reverting to a holding pattern of vague disinterest.


Valentine's Day Drinky Drink

Ah, Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s an excuse to drop the humdrum responsibilities of the semester and relish an evening on the town with the one you love. For others, it’s simply the right time to drink alone. Here are FM’s suggestions for a liquor-soaked holiday, no matter your relationship status.


Avia Tadmor

“Clinical psychology and poetry are very different axes to the same ambiguous and complex human experience,” Tadmor says.

FM Gen Ed Cover

General Education and the Future of Liberal Arts

With the Gen Ed program up for its first five-year review, longstanding questions about the role of a college education in changing times and beyond campus remain contested.

On Campus

Top Five Greasy Spoon Breakfast Joints

Whether you’re an earlier riser or you’ve been out all night, sometimes the best way to start your day is with a side of fries.

Reforma Migratoria

"DREAM" School

For undocumented students, even small steps toward more comprehensive reform can have a big impact. Before DACA, Ramírez says, he had no idea what life after college would bring. While his peers would be vying for scholarships, spots in graduate schools, and prestigious jobs, he feared he would have no choice but to engage in manual labor because of his undocumented status.

Lowell House Flyby Image
Student Life

Lowell House

Every day between now and Housing Day, Flyby will release two new House rankings. The top two Houses will be revealed on Wednesday, March 13. Check back daily for updates! Lowell House is perhaps best known for its beauty. Few Houses rival the visual impact of the bell tower or the picturesque calm of the courtyard.

Cash for Your Warhol
Visual Arts

CA$H for your HARGADON

Hargadon’s art is about provocation, not gratification. “I think art that tries to please all people ends up failing,” he says. “Some of them probably think it’s ridiculous, what I do, and that’s okay.”