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Food and Drink

Four New Thanksgiving Traditions

Can you feel it? The leaves have turned, Yale has been publicly humiliated, and it is once again inappropriate to solicit candy from your neighbors. That’s right: it’s Thanksgiving! Lucky for you, Flyby’s got your back with some new traditions to spice up your holiday.

Frank Rich and Fran Lebowitz
In The Meantime

It Starts With a Drag: The Friendship of Frances A. Lebowitz and Frank Rich '71

You could call it a match made in heaven, if either of them believed in such a place. At her ...

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Food and Drink

Flyby Presents: A Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Arguments with empty chairs. Naked swims in the Sea of Galilee. Rick Santorum. This election season is liable to drive just about anyone to the bottle.

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Major Realignment A-Brewin

Though the chance of this brewing realignment to affect the 2012 election may have passed, don’t be surprised if a party with the last name like Bloomberg or Huntsman or Petraeus starts to shake up the red and blue on a map sometime in the not-too-distant future.


Tsar’s Gambit

Putin is a cagy politician, and surely he has learned the lessons of the fallen Arab Spring dictators. Widespread violent repression leads to alienation and de-legitimization. Ignoring the opposition allows it to grow and reach critical mass.


Apocalypse Soon

It’s hard to deny that the Earth is going haywire in a big way. This year has been by far the most expensive with respect to natural disaster damage in history.


Europe: Too Big to Fail?

The Greeks brought democracy into this world, and it looks like they can help to take it out, too.


5 Percent > $52,650

Abolish tuition as we know it in favor of a garnishment of future wages

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Nein, Nein, Nein

Pizza baron Herman Cain has somehow wedged his way into the top tier of the Republican primary field in the ...


World War 3.0

al-Awlaki’s danger came from his ability to bridge the gap between radical Islam and Western culture.


The Case Against Marriage

All other benefits of legal marriage can be preserved by making civil unions, the secular half-measure currently offered to gays in lieu of full marriage, the norm.

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Sign the Amethyst Initiative

President Faust, it’s time to sign the Amethyst Initiative.


Why Isn't Harvard With Coco?

Et tu, Hasty Pudding Theatricals? By naming Jay Leno as 2010 Man of the Year, the organization unnecessarily insulted alumnus ...


Uncivil Disobedience

Some zealotry and fervor does a political system good.


Middle Eastern CEOs Discuss Challenges

A panel of three Middle Eastern CEOs discussed the opportunities and challenges of doing business in the Middle East at the Kennedy School last night before dozens of entrepreneurs from the Arab world as part of a week-long AllWorld Summit.