15 Hottest Freshmen: Where Are They Now?

Anita J. Joseph: Take me back to the moment when you found out you were one of the 15 hottest freshmen.

Joseph B. Morcos: I was obviously overjoyed. The number of girlfriends I’ve had since has been a testimony to this achievement I think.

Kelly B. Salazar: I received an email and first thought it was a joke, and then I didn’t tell anyone about it because I was weirded out by the whole thing.

AJJ: What are some challenges to staying hot at Harvard University?

Edith Jordan Taylor: I row, afterward my hair is wet sometimes.


JBM: When you have it, you don’t face challenges. I am recorded on the Internet as this incredible thing. But you have to mix it up, like this beard.

Jonathan R. Mason: I work out.

Crystal Y. Coser: First of all, this weather. I don’t think I’ve ever been so pasty. I also really like tater tots, golden nuggets, so that’s tough. I also really like my bed and TV, so that’s tough when it comes to going to the gym.

Stefan F. Botarelli: I feel like there’s no way to answer this question without sounding pretentious.

AJJ: Best or worst lie you’ve ever told

EJT: “I’m almost there.”JRM: I told everyone that I was a Baby Gap model, and everyone believed me, I was so happy.

CYC: “I’m a half-Asian sensation.”

AJJ: Describe yourself in three words.

EJT: Not as hot.

AJJ: Three years ago you described yourself in three words as, “outgoing, fun, ambitious.” Would you still say that?