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‘Triumph’ant Mira Returns to Film

“As a kid, I wanted to be an actor, an astronaut, or an anthropologist,” muses Mira Sorvino ’90. “I think


Colin's Juicy New Role

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Imagine, for a moment, that magical day four (or three, or two…) years


Splat: An Interview With the cast of 'Orange County'

You can’t make a teen comedy without teens and comedians—luckily, Orange County has both areas covered, boasting a stellar cast


Cruising with Tom and Cam

The Harvard Crimson recently had the opportunity to speak about the new movie Vanilla Sky with writer/director Cameron Crowe and


The Sky's the Limit

Those in search of a one-line synopsis for Vanilla Sky need look no further than the tagline—Open your eyes. It’s

Beyond the Panels

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the arrival of a new age of comic

'Legend' of the Fall

Golfers, you know the feeling. You're out on the tee on a bright, sunny afternoon. You envision yourself hitting the

Ladies Man Gets Surefire Laughs

Guess what? I can read people's minds. Hey, stop laughing. Come on, stop it already. Okay, so maybe I can't

Meadows Talks SNL, Dating Advice

Tim Meadows is not a womanizer. He just plays one in the movies. In fact, the actor behind the free-loving

It's Alive! Frankenheimer Talks Games

INTERVIEW John Frankenhimer Director of Reindeer Games It's Alive! Frankenheimer Talks Games By RICHARD HO CRIMSON STAFF WRITER "I like

Reindeer games Sleighs 'Em

FILM Reindeer Games Directed By John Frankenheimer Starring Ben Affleck, Charlize Theron, Gary Sinise Dimension Films Reindeer Games Sleighs 'Em

Superette Owner Assaulted, Robbed

Cambridge police are searching for the man who assaulted and robbed popular Surrey Street proprietor Louie Chen Tuesday night. The

Anime for Dummies: A User-Friendly Introduction

Admit it. You watched "Voltron" when you were a kid. And you loved it every bit as much as I

Soggy Breakfast Has No Juice

Some books were meant to be made into movies. Some books are so profoundly important and relevant that the evolution

Trekkers VS Lucasites

In the absence of real conflict, leave it up to fans to create it. After all, Trekkers and Lucasites are