'Freestyle Love Supreme' Photo

‘Freestyle Love Supreme’ Review: Improv Troop Turns the Wackiest Suggestions Into the Biggest Laughs

With constant laughter shaped by audience suggestions, the show is uniquely suited for repeat viewing. Each performance promises new stories to explore and a fresh batch of jokes delivered by the all-star cast.

Igor Golyak headshot

Artist Profile: Igor Golyak on ‘Artists For Ukraine’ and the Need to Act

For Golyak, taking action means taking what he does best — creating art — and bringing it out of the past and the realm of the fiction to the here and now.

'The Music Man' Photo

‘The Music Man’ Review: A Joyful Musical Theater Marathon That Could Have Gone That Extra Mile

What the revival lacks in originality, it makes up for with a breathtaking ensemble. The audience might not leave the theater smarter, but at least they leave it happier.

'Much Ado About Nothing' Photo

Shakespeare Should Be Activism

Nothing screams cutting-edge activist theater like a Shakespeare play.

'Ocean Filibuster' Photo

‘Ocean Filibuster’ Review: The Show Wants to Save the Ocean But Lacks Focus

One would be forgiven to expect a relatively quick, somewhat educational show that manages to both soothe and stimulate, but they would be wrong to do so.

'Nighttown' Poster

‘Nighttown’ Preview: Molly Bloom Takes the Stage in an Operatic Reimagining of ‘Ulysses’

The production brings to life the complicated relationship between Leopold and Molly Bloom as seen through Molly’s perspective, which remains largely underdeveloped in the novel.

'What the Constitution Means to Me' Photo

‘What the Constitution Means to Me’ Is a Timely Narrative for Today

The show is a funny, thought-provoking piece that both celebrates and criticizes one of the most significant documents in this country’s history.

'If a Picture Never Lies' Image

‘If a Picture Never Lies’: A Thesis Sung By a Tenor

A chamber opera is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a senior thesis. But as Harry Sage shows, the two can go hand in hand.

'Ship Happens' Still

‘Ship Happens’ Review: More Than Just Good Jokes and Chaos

Four misfits walk onto a luxury yacht and what follows is two hours filled with eccentric characters, clever jokes, and some good old-fashioned petty drama.

'The Bluest Eye' Image

‘The Bluest Eye’ Review: Toni Morrison Would Be Proud

When actors take the stage, audiences are immediately engrossed in stunning, pain-filled performances that would do the late Toni Morrison proud.

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In Photos: Jennifer Garner, Hasty Pudding's Woman of the Year

Photo Essay: Actress Jennifer Garner was honored as the Hasty Pudding’s Woman of the Year on Saturday.


Artist Profile: Nivi Ravi ’21 On Integrating Memory and Music

Serving as president of Collegium, Ravi noted, was the culmination of her artistic career in college.


‘T: An MBTA Musical’ Ultimately Flies Off the Rails

It seems the characters all gulped down a dozen oysters each before boarding a T car pumped with a continual supply of pheromones.


'The Sound Inside' Review: A Mirror to Campus Loneliness

The combination of the actors’ own chemistry and Rapp’s skillful dialogue creates a deeply touching and devastating story.


Revamping Wardrobes at Boston University’s Wheelock Family Theatre’s Halloween Costume Sale

For many young actors, the lingering effects from being in isolation remain as actors return back to the black box.