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Race and Diversity in President Search Graphic
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Harvard’s Next Presidential Search Will Face New Challenges Amid Attacks on DEI

Like it or not, the selection of Harvard’s 31st president will inevitably be viewed by key stakeholders through the prism of identity politics — and it’s like that more people will be disappointed than pleased.

John Harvard Statue with Keffiyah on Day 6
On Campus

Garber Is Taking a Patient Approach to the Harvard Encampment. So Far, It’s Working.

As the pro-Palestine occupation of Harvard Yard approaches the end of its second week, interim University President Alan M. Garber ’76 has adopted a policy of strategic patience to avoid the controversies facing peer institutions.

Garber Interview
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Some Want the Harvard Corporation to Strip Garber’s Interim Tag. Is That Possible?

As interim Harvard President Alan M. Garber ’76 enjoys early success at the helm of the University, there are growing calls from some faculty and alumni to appoint Garber to the position permanently and forgo a lengthy presidential search.

Penny Pritzker Exits Harvard Corporation FAS Town Hall
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Harvard Corporation Discusses Gay’s Testimony, Donor Revolt in FAS Town Hall

Harvard’s top brass offered their most extensive comments to date about the University’s fall semester of controversy, including Claudine Gay’s congressional testimony and the ongoing donor revolt, at a rare FAS town hall on Tuesday.

Loeb House
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Harvard Corporation to Review Presidential Search Process as Faculty Demand Transparency

The Harvard Corporation, the University’s highest governing board, will review its presidential search process and consider recommendations on how it can be improved ahead of the formal search for Harvard’s 31st president.

Massachusetts Hall
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Harvard President Garber, Provost Manning Keep Top Advisers in Staff Reshuffle

Harvard’s leadership crisis sparked a major senior staff reshuffle in Massachusetts Hall, as interim University President Alan M. Garber ’76 and interim Provost John F. Manning ’82 both kept their two most trusted advisers with them while taking on new roles.

Mitt Romney Harvard Dialogues
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John Fetterman Endorses Mitt Romney To Become Harvard’s Next President

Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) endorsed an unlikely candidate to serve as the 31st president of Harvard University: his colleague, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah).

Garber Interview
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Interim Harvard President Alan Garber’s 100 Days of Trial By Fire

In what is perhaps the most important vote of confidence thus far, the Harvard Corporation — the University’s highest governing body — has not even launched a presidential search to appoint a permanent successor. Either way, Alan M. Garber is not waiting around.

Vivan Y. Hunt and Tyler Jacks
Central Administration

Vivian Hunt ’89 To Lead Harvard Board of Overseers During Presidential Search

Vivian Y. Hunt ’89 will be named the next president of the Board of Overseers, the University’s second highest governing body, according to a person familiar with the decision.

FAS Dean Hopi Hoekstra

3 Months After Gay Resigned, Harvard FAS Dean Says Presidential Search ‘Has Not Begun Yet’

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Hopi E. Hoekstra said in a Wednesday interview that Harvard’s governing boards have not launched the search for the University’s 31st president — even behind closed doors.

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A Trump Victory in November Could Impact Harvard’s Presidential Search. Here’s How.

As the Harvard Corporation embarks on a search for its 31st president, higher education experts and Harvard insiders said that the outcome of the U.S. presidential election will likely influence who is selected to lead the nation’s oldest academic institution.

George Daley at Commencement 2023
Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School Dean George Daley ’82 Endorses Garber for President

Harvard Medical School Dean George Q. Daley ’82 endorsed interim Harvard President Alan M. Garber ’76 to permanently succeed Claudine Gay in a Tuesday interview with The Crimson.

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Interim Harvard Provost John Manning ’82 Says He Will Return to HLS. His Colleagues Aren’t So Sure.

Manning, who was appointed on March 1 as the interim chief academic officer, is now at the center of the Harvard leadership sweepstakes that began after the resignation of Claudine Gay. As Garber’s number two and a finalist in the last search, Manning is a major contender for the presidency, which potentially makes his provostship a brief stay in the waiting room before getting the top job.

Dean Khurana

Harvard College Dean Khurana Says He Does Not Expect To Be Considered for Presidency

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana said he does not expect to be considered for the Harvard presidency in an interview with The Crimson on Tuesday.

Garber Cambridge University Visit
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Garber Met with Alumni and Donors in London, Miami Over Spring Break

Interim Harvard President Alan M. Garber ’76 met with hundreds of alumni in London and Florida last week in his first international trip as president as part of ongoing efforts to project University stability and mend donor relationships.