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Athletics Complex

13 Harvard Students and Alumni Set to Compete for Team USA in the Paris Olympics

Thirteen Harvard students and alumni will represent the United States at the 2024 Paris Olympics beginning next week, the most athletes Harvard has sent to the Summer Olympics since 1992.

Crafty Cooper
Men's Tennis

Tennis Phenom Cooper Williams to Transfer to Duke

Star Harvard tennis player Cooper Williams, who went 14-9 in his first year in Cambridge and reached the round of 16 at the NCAA singles championships, will transfer to Duke next season, per an announcement on the Duke Athletics Instagram.

Head Coach
Breaking Sports

4-Star Basketball Recruit Elzie Harrington Commits to Harvard

Elzie Harrington committed to Harvard on Thursday, an important pickup for the men’s basketball program after several star players transferred over the summer.

Ramsden Races
Track and Cross Country

18 Harvard Athletes Compete in Record-Breaking NCAA Outdoor Championships

Maia T. B. Ramsden ’24 won the 1,500m title for the second year in a row at the NCAA Outdoor Championships last week, becoming the first Harvard athlete to win three NCAA national championships.

Harvard Athletics Building
Student Life

‘Taxation Without Representation’: What the NCAA’s $2.8 Billion Settlement Means for Harvard

A nearly $2.8 billion settlement proposed by the National College Athletics Association and the Power Five Conferences will allow collegiate athletes to be paid by their universities — a historic shift that may leave Harvard Athletics bleeding.

Watergate Graphic

‘A Script For A Political Movie’: The Class of 1974 Looks Back on Watergate

While the Watergate break-in happened in the late summer of 1972, as the Class of 1974 finished their sophomore year, the scandal’s most dramatic moments would come during their final year in Cambridge — at a campus that had deep ties to, and was often the scorn of, the embattled administration.

U.S. Army Colonel Everett Spain Speaks at Veteran Affinity Celebration

West Point Colonel Addresses Harvard Graduates at First-Ever Veterans’ Affinity Celebration

U.S. Army Colonel and West Point professor Everett Spain urged graduating Harvard veterans to treat their degree as a “commission to do good” during the University’s first annual veterans’ affinity graduation celebration.

Student Activism and Garber graphic

‘How Far Is Too Far?’: Pro-Palestine Activism Under the Garber Presidency

Alan Garber has largely drawn praise for his measured response to controversy and his ability to assuage a divided campus. But some students and faculty have condemned Garber’s approach to protests for being unusually repressive and forceful, drawing new, unprecedented lines around campus speech and protest.

Athletic Recruitment Graphic

‘A’ Game: How Harvard Recruits its Student-Athletes

While some have raised concerns about Harvard’s ability to recruit top athletes without name, image, and likeness collectives, others have begun to ask a larger question: should Harvard be recruiting at all?

Protesters Pack Up Encampment

Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine Ends Harvard Yard Encampment

Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine announced early Tuesday morning that it would peacefully end the encampment in Harvard Yard, bringing an anticlimactic end to Harvard’s most high-profile pro-Palestine protest this year and paving the way for Commencement to proceed as planned.​​​​​​​

Protesters Play Drums and Band on Buckets in Encampment

Harvard Encampment Members Refuse ID Checks, Raise Palestinian Flag as Tensions Rise

The students staging a pro-Palestine encampment in Harvard Yard refused to submit to ID checks on Tuesday as tension mounted between protesters and administrators on day 14 of the occupation.

HOOP Rally Down Church Street

Protesters March To Harvard President Garber’s Home, Demand Start of Negotiations

More than 400 Harvard students and Cambridge residents marched to the private residence of interim Harvard President Alan M. Garber ’76 during a pro-Palestine rally Monday evening, after Garber refused to negotiate with protesters amid their ongoing encampment in Harvard Yard.

Primal Scream

Harvard Students Streak Around Encampment in Cheeky Primal Scream Display

The students staging a pro-Palestine encampment in Harvard Yard did not quite get the disclosure they wanted as more than 100 Harvard undergraduates bared it all Thursday at midnight for this semester’s iteration of Primal Scream.

Murr Center

‘I Knew What I Signed Up For’: Elite Harvard Athletes Navigate a Delicate Balancing Act

Several athletes at Harvard compete in their sport on a national or international stage. While many of these athletes said they feel satisfied with Harvard’s support of their sporting endeavors, they also pointed out the challenges of this balancing act.

Crafty Crimson
Women's Basketball

‘We’ve Had Sellouts’: Harvard Women’s Basketball Attendance Soars as Sport Gains Traction

As the popularity of women’s college basketball skyrockets, Harvard’s own women’s team has seen attendance rise to 1,054 on average for home games this season — a jump of nearly 300 from last year.