Early Admissions


Early Applications Numbers Soar

Applications for early admission to Harvard College’s class of 2017 numbered 4,856, marking a nearly 15 percent surge from last year’s figure, the University announced on Thursday.

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Admissions Office Extends EA Deadlines

Now high school students have a reason to rejoice as much as we are: The Harvard Admissions offices announced that ...

Affirmative Action Goes to Court

Admissions Goes to Court

Though the College's affirmative action policy has managed to endure thus far, this fall’s Supreme Court case—Fisher v. Texas—has Harvard worried.

How Selective is Too Selective?

How Selective Is Too Selective?

Some question whether by becoming too exclusive, Harvard and other ultra-selective colleges might eventually discourage qualified applicants from even bothering to apply.

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Harvard Yield for Class of 2016 Soars to 81%

In the first year of Harvard’s renewed early admissions program, the yield for the class of 2016 soared to nearly 81 percent, a significant increase from last year’s rate of 77 percent, the University announced on Thursday.

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Adding 2+2 To Equal Five

Out of the 106 students who were accepted in 2008 to the first class, 65 showed up at Harvard this year, 40 postponed matriculation, and one dropped out. For the next class, which is scheduled to arrive on campus in the fall, more than half have chosen not to come right away.


Don't Be That Prefrosh

You've seen them before. Heck, once upon a time you even were one. Yes, the prefrosh will arrive this weekend. And, as expected, many of them will be anxious to see the world that is Harvard, scared that they might not fit in, yet hopeful that they'll be lucky enough to find some new friends. Before you hosts out there lose your new admits to the multitude of events and celebrations going on this weekend, you might consider laying some ground rules—you know, so your prefrosh doesn't slowly morph into that prefrosh. High school seniors, take note: here's how to avoid being the talk of the town before you even enroll.

Cheers to 2016

Harvard Accepts Record Low of 5.9 Percent to the Class of 2016

An all-time low 5.9 percent of applicants received offers to join Harvard College’s Class of 2016 on Thursday. This marks the sixth consecutive year that Harvard’s admission rate has fallen.

Predicting the 2012 Harvard Acceptance Rate

Regular Admits May See 3% Acceptance Rate

Harvard may admit as few as 3 percent of the students waiting to hear their decisions this Thursday and overall, the College might admit about 5.5 percent of students who applied under early action and regular decision to the Class of 2016.


Applications to Harvard Drop for First Time in Five Years

For the first time in five years, Harvard College has seen a dip in applications.

2011 Year in Review


As 2011 comes to an end, The Crimson looks back at the most important events at Harvard over the year.

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Remember When Your Were Accepted? Stories from the Early Action Class of 2016

At 5 p.m. yesterday evening, 4,231 high school seniors received an email from the Harvard College admissions office that may determine the next four years of their lives, or at least whether or not they have to spend their winter vacations frantically writing college essays. Of these 4,231 applicants, 772 were accepted to Harvard under the newly reinstated early action program. A few of them took a break from their revelry to discuss their happy news.


Harvard College Admits 18 Percent of Early Applicants

Harvard College announced Thursday that it accepted 18 percent of the 4,231 early applicants to the Class of 2016. These 772 students mark the first group to be admitted early since the College eliminated its early admission program four years ago.


Privileging the Privileged

As Harvard reintroduces early admissions, it should seek additional ways to increase access for applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds. One way the admissions office could do so is by abolishing policies that privilege children of alumni, or legacies. Harvard should pursue this option. The admissions office should not consider legacy status as a criterion for admittance.


Harvard College Receives 4,245 Early Applications

In the first year after reinstating its early admission program, Harvard College received 4,245 applications for early admission to the Class of 2016.