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Starbucks At The Abbot
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Flyby Tries: The New Starbucks in Harvard Square

Now that there is a Starbucks back in the Square, it feels like all is well again…

Trek through Tercentenary
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Overheard on FDOC: Spring 2023 Edition

As the day transitioned from ~light rain~ to full on snow storm (that may be a slight exaggeration), Harvard students experienced their first day of classes for the shorter and much more exciting semester. First days are always memorable, and yesterday, Flyby Blog kept track of our favorite overheads from students around campus.

spring horoscope
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Flyby Horoscopes: Beginning of Spring Semester

Curious what the start of spring semester will look like for you? Flyby’s amateur astrologists have got you covered.

barker boy
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Ranking The Outfits of a Harvard Man

The seasons may change but the fashion taste of the Harvard Man remains the same. Some outfits are extremely dapper (perhaps a little too much so), and some outfits should just not exist. Here, we have ranked some classic ensembles and enlisted a fashionable Harvard Man™ to model for us with scarily accurate posing.

Lamont Library Interior
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Your Reading Week Round-Up: Study Spots

Are you deep in the trenches as finals loom closer and closer? Are you dreading the month’s worth of lectures that you have to watch in 24 hours? Same, bestie. What better way to feel better about yourself than to meander over to a different study spot and get a change of scenery? Your roommate will thank you for leaving the room for the first time in a week. Trust me. Without further ado, here is a round up and rating of classic study spots around campus.

Ratatouille Gif
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An Ode to the Rats of Harvard

It creates a certain amount of cognitive dissonance when we find ourselves, at a hallowed institution, co-existing with vermin. But, in a way, it’s comforting to watch a rat frolic through a decrepit stone wall. Here’s why the rats of Harvard aren’t so bad after all.

William James Hall
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Some Buildings on Campus Are Ugly, And That's Ok.

Understanding and appreciating architecture is not my forte. But if someone can explain to me why any building on this list is somehow tastefully beautiful, I am very open to learning.

Barker Cafe on a sunny afternoon.
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Whatever You Do, Don’t Go To The Barker Cafe!!

You may be tempted to visit the Barker Cafe, now that it’s open. But I’m here to warn you—do not under any circumstances visit the Barker Center’s picturesque, sun-dappled, caffeine-oriented rotunda. Flyby #gatekeeps.

I Love My Plants
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An Ode to Dorm Houseplants

Death by Fire? By Rain? By Love? Read on for one Flyby writer's obituary mourning her houseplants past.

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The One Where They Get Lost in H Mart

Two wayside Midwesterners with South Asian heritage are so moved by the joys of H Mart that they are inspired to become playwrights

charlie brown thanksgiving
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Flyby Tries: Being Thankful

Let’s face it, it’s hard to find gratitude when you’re swamped with p-sets and papers while the ever-present cold? flu? unknown-disease-that-leaves-a-monster-cough makes its annual circulation across campus. However, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought it would be an appropriate time to take a step back and try being thankful for the little things in life.

Harvard Law School 1
Harvard Law School

An Ode to the Endless BoardPlus Options at The Law School

At the end of spring semester last year, I had used none of my BoardPlus — mainly because I had no idea what BoardPlus was and where I could spend it. And so, this semester, I decided to use my BoardPlus more consistently, as a way to treat myself during the semester.

homesickness gif
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Dear Homesick Students Far From Home

Whether you’re from Australia, Argentina, Afghanistan, or Alaska (just me?), we love you! You’ve got this. And even if you don’t live halfway across the globe, it’s okay to miss home — I’m (slightly enviously) talking to you, Bostonians. With the holidays around the corner, it’s that time of the year when we start to crave the comfort of home and non-Harvard life just a tad more than usual. But don’t give up now!

notes app
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What’s in the Notes App of a Harvard Student?

Exposed! The Notes app of a Harvard student is both a diverting and dark place full of entries that are unexplainable and questionable without context

John Harvard Statue
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Four Things I Would Rather Touch than John Harvard’s Shoe

We’ve all been there. It’s 9:02 a.m. You’re sprinting through the Yard to class, hoping to still beat the athlete who’s locking up their scooter. Then, you see it: a group of tourists posing for the cliche-yet-tasteful “Touching of John Harvard’s Shoe.” Forgetting about the hot section kid you’re trying to impress, you are forced to stop and shudder.