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No more linking group graphic
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Dude, That’s Rude: No More Linking Groups

Another Housing Day is on the horizon, but this year brings one key change from those in recent memory: no linking groups. And frankly, we here at Flyby find that horrifying; we have a feeling you’ll agree with us once you know why.

HBS Tunnel Display and Blueprints
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Into the HBS Tunnels

Investigating the labyrinth beneath Harvard Business School proves to be a test of determination, stamina, and courage for two intrepid Flyby reporters.

Holworthy Thefts
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Matching the Harvard First-Year Dorms to Zodiac Signs

No criticism allowed! And before you ask, my qualifications are: yard resident, Leo sun.

Wyatt bush jumping (Union dorms)
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Flyby Tries: Bush Jumping

John Harvard’s Dictionary defines this action, a verb, as the ancient, and simple, art of running full speed towards a bush and just jumping into it.

Trenches flowchart
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Flowchart: Days in the Trenches

When did the week start and when did it end? Is this even worth it? This flowchart might not fix most of those problems, but at least you will know what day it is.

romantic things at harvard
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The Most Romantic Experiences at Harvard

Here are the small romantic things at Harvard that make our hearts beat just a little faster, so we can all feel more loved this Valentine’s Day <3

harvard love mixtape graphic
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Flyby Investigates: Love Songs of Harvard

What song reminds you of love? Here’s what a couple of Harvard students said.

Ava touches ~the foot~...
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Flyby Tries: Cosplaying as a Tourist for a Day

We touched John Harvard’s foot, so you don’t have to — that’s all you really need to know.

Mignone Career Center (Flyby's version).
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Flyby’s (Imaginary) Internship Roundup

We sat down and imagined some perfect summer internships that don’t exist — yet. There’s something for every career! So come and imagine internships with us. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually want to turn one of these into reality…

Back to school bingo 2024!
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Harvard Back to School Bingo (Spring Semester Edition)

Back to school season is exciting, but also always exactly the same, especially when it feels like we just left for winter break yesterday. How many rows of back-to-school-bingo can you get?

barry keoghan gif
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Where We Would Take Barry Keoghan in Harvard Square

Barry Keoghan is the Hasty Pudding Man of the Year, which means he’s on campus — TODAY! And we at Flyby have decided to make a custom tour of Harvard’s campus just for him.

d-hall chairs with arms
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Dude, That’s Rude: D-hall Chairs with Arms

Have you been thinking about d-hall chairs recently, specifically those with arms? No? I really didn’t think so, but luckily for you we at Flyby have! Here’s our bone to pick with armed d-hall chairs — yes, it’s a valid complaint, and yes you’ll agree by the end of our argument.

can't study at cafes
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Why I Cannot Study in Cafés

Keep your coffee dates and study sessions separate…you can always get that cup of joe to go.

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An Ode to the Renovation of Capital One Café

Capital One Café, our favorite corporate money making scheme, received a makeover over winter break. Is it worth a visit? Find out for yourself…

A Hate Letter to Snow
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A Hate Letter to the Snow

A six hour flight delay. A series of unfortunate events. It’s just this little Flyby writer and her overpacked suitcase against the world.