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What Your Harvard Parent Merch Says About You

Now that the semester’s over, hot girl summer is in full swing, and there’s no better time than Commencement to start serving. It’s time to make note of the serves and flops of Harvard Parent fashion. I gathered my “reads” for the most iconic Harvard merch worn by you, the #1 supporters of Harvard seniors, and what that says about you!

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My Real Senior Thesis Acknowledgments

One of the highlights of writing a senior thesis is getting the chance to acknowledge all those that helped you along the way. Of course, most students start with thanking their advisers (and I actually meant it when I did), their departments (shoutout to ESPP), and their friends and family. But, it’s difficult to include everything and everyone you want to thank, because doing so would not sound very thesis-esque. Luckily, Flyby is giving me the perfect platform to share an unabridged version of my senior thesis acknowledgments.

Friendly Toast Review
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Flyby Tries: Friendly Toast

We at Flyby decided to give you the Friendly Toast review that you never asked for. You’re welcome.

Revere Beach
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Burst the Bubble: May 2024

Romanticize Boston one last time before you move out!

Loomis-Michael Observatory
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Flyby Tries: Going to the Loomis-Michael Observatory

Ignoring the three psets she had due the next day, this Flyby writer headed in the exact opposite direction of Lamont and set out in search of the Loomis-Michael Observatory.

Reading period alignment chart
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Types of Students During Reading Period

Reading period has us all in varying degrees of being unhinged. Try to stay in Lawful Good instead of Chaotic Evil!

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Harvard Crying Spots Bingo

Do you finally need a win? Here’s something for you to cross off and feed your need for validation: Flyby Blog’s official Harvard crying spots bingo. First one to win needs therapy <3.

Tortured John Harvard Department
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The Tortured Poets Department (Harvard’s Version)

Flyby has the inside scoop on Taylor Swift’s newest album. Spoiler alert! It was inspired by Harvard.

Antong eating a taco.
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Flyby Tries: Jefe’s vs. Achilito’s

Flyby investigates whether Achilito's or Jefe's is the better spot!

dying laptop
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An Ode to My Dying Laptop

How long have YOU been using your laptop? Read about this Flyby writer's struggle with keeping her laptop alive.

which OR album are you?
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What Olivia Rodrigo Album Are You? Harvard Edition

Does the number of psets you have due this week leave a sour taste in your mouth? Or maybe you’re ready to spill your guts out as you write this long overdue paper. Regardless, read on to determine which Olivia Rodrigo album you are at this point in the semester.

Common Common Room W
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Ode to the Suite Life

I wouldn’t trade the suite life for anything… but unfortunately, I don’t have a choice.

harvard bingo (freshmen)
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Harvard Bingo (Freshmen Edition)

Let’s recap all the things freshmen have said during their two semesters on campus, through Bingo!

Can't take him anywhere...
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Dear Class of 2028: Here's What Makes Harvard Unique

Hello, perspective prefrosh! First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you on stumbling upon the best piece of public service journalism you will find during your time as a Harvard student. But I’ll cut to the chase; here’s why you should attend this red-brick-road school that some call a “small liberal arts college outside of Boston,” instead of other colleges that are small OR liberal arts OR outside of Boston.

Dunster undercover
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Dear Class of 2028: Don’t Be Fooled by Visitas

While Harvard arranged events with rose-colored glasses, the grass truly did seem to get greener for the weekend…and HUDS was slightly better than usual. Let’s talk about some realities of going here that will reveal themselves to you if you choose to drive into the Yard in August.