Peter Brand

In Opening Day of Trial, Prosecutors Say Ex-Harvard Fencing Coach Traded Recruiting Spots for Payments as Part of a ‘Stream of Bribes’

Federal prosecutors on Monday told a jury that Harvard’s former longtime fencing coach, Peter Brand, leveraged his team’s recruiting spots for more than $1.5 million in bribes from a wealthy Maryland businessman who was desperate to get his sons admitted to the College.

Pro-Affirmative Action SCOTUS Rally

The Supreme Court Has Heard Oral Arguments in the Affirmative Action Case. What's Next?

Following oral arguments last month, the Supreme Court is set to deliver a decision in the anti-affirmative action lawsuit against Harvard and the University of North Carolina next summer.

Janai S. Nelson & Edward J. Blum

Hundreds Rally in D.C. as Supreme Court Prepares to Hear Harvard Affirmative Action Case

Students and advocates on both sides of the affirmative action debate descended on the nation’s capital on Sunday for dueling rallies ahead of Supreme Court oral arguments in a pair of lawsuits that could end race-conscious admissions in American higher education.

SCOTUS - Supreme Court

The Supreme Court Will Hear Arguments for the Harvard Admissions Lawsuit Monday. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Following eight years of litigation, the Supreme Court will hear on Monday a pair of lawsuits brought against Harvard and the University of North Carolina by an anti-affirmative action group.

Seth P. Waxman

Meet the Lawyers Arguing Before the Supreme Court in the Harvard Admissions Lawsuit Next Week

The Supreme Court will hear lawsuits challenging race-conscious admissions policies at Harvard and the University of North Carolina next week. The verdicts have the potential to end race-conscious admissions at colleges across the country.


SFFA Funded by Large Conservative Trusts, Public Filings Show

Students For Fair Admissions, the anti-affirmative action group suing Harvard for its consideration of race in its admissions, is largely funded by conservative trusts, according to public filings since 2017.


SCOTUS Preview: Affirmative Action on the Brink

With oral arguments for the Harvard admissions case set to take place in Washington, D.C., next week, the fate of affirmative action in higher education lies in the Supreme Court's hands — again.

Students Rally for Affirmative Action
Student Groups

Meet the Harvard Students Rallying to Save Affirmative Action

Roughly 100 Harvard undergraduates are set to travel to Washington, D.C., this weekend to rally in support of affirmative action at the United States Supreme Court.

Ed Blum Autumn

Emboldened by Conservative Court, Ed Blum Seeks to Close Out ‘Long Game’ Against Affirmative Action

Anti-affirmative action activist Edward J. Blum is headed back to the Supreme Court for the first time since 2016. He will be greeted by a 6-3 conservative majority that is set to consider his most far-reaching argument yet.

William S. Consovoy

SFFA Attorney Withdraws From Supreme Court Oral Arguments to Receive Cancer Treatment

William S. Consovoy, the attorney who has led the crusade against Harvard’s race conscious admissions policies on behalf of Students for Fair Admissions, will not argue before the Supreme Court on Oct 31.

Ivy League Yield Data Through 2022

As American Colleges Struggle to Fill Classes, Ivy League Yield Rates Continue to Rise

Yield rates at the eight Ivy schools have soared over the past 30 years, according to a Crimson analysis — and show no sign of slowing.

Joseph Moakley Courthouse

Harvard Says Insurance Company Knew of Affirmative Action Lawsuit, Should Cover Legal Fees

Harvard told a federal judge last week that its insurance company was aware of a high-profile lawsuit challenging its race-conscious admissions process, saying the firm, Zurich American Insurance Company, should have to cover the University’s legal fees.

Central Administration

Supreme Court to Hear Arguments in Harvard Affirmative Action Case on Oct. 31

The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments next month in a high-stakes affirmative action lawsuit brought against Harvard that could end race-conscious college admissions in the United States.

SCOTUS - Supreme Court

Top Corporations, Universities Ask Supreme Court to Uphold Affirmative Action in Harvard Case

Hundreds of top American corporations and universities including Apple, Google, and seven Ivy League schools asked the Supreme Court to uphold affirmative action in amicus briefs filed this week as justices prepare to hear lawsuits challenging race-conscious admissions at Harvard and the University of North Carolina.

Supreme Court

Harvard Asks Justices to Uphold Affirmative Action in Supreme Court Brief

Harvard offered a full-throated defense of the Supreme Court’s past rulings upholding affirmative action in a brief submitted to the court on Monday, asking justices to reject a lawsuit that seeks to ban race-conscious admissions.