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Renaissance Woman Keeps on Runnin'

Iris Lan's resume might read like that of a typical Harvard academic superstar, but her attitude is anything but. An

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Expecting the Best From the Best

R ecently, I found myself searching for the meaning of the Harvard education. What had my parents paid their hard


Some students believe University Health Services (UHS) suffers from an image problem. It is sometimes mocked by campus humor magazines

Leverett Path Purse Snatcher Arrested

Hundreds of students use the pathway which lies next to the Leverett House Towers between Grant and Cowperthwaite Streets each

Adams Dance Is Shut Down

Hundreds of Harvard undergraduates in assorted costumes flooded Plympton Street at 12:30 yesterday morning after Harvard police broke up the

Jiang's Appearance at Harvard in the Works Since 1996

Chinese President Jiang Zemin's speech in Sanders Theatre tomorrow marks the culmination of more than a year's worth of correspondence

Whats Up, Weekly Week Join Flood of Square Magazines

This fall, two new periodicals targeting the college-age crowd sprang up in Harvard Square, adding to the area's already crowded

Turco Elected HSA Head

The board of directors of Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) last night chose Catherine J. Turco '99 as its next president,

Police Squads Work Together

Four students were found smashing a parking meter on the corner of Bow and Plympton streets at 3:24 a.m. two

Schoolmates Grieve Loss of Two Friends

Michael A. Cohen '98 had never met Deshaun or Harvard, but wishes he had. At 1 p.m. on Friday, he

Woolworth Closing Marks End Of an Era

Bringing to a close a time of inexpensive housewares, neighborly bonhomie and institutional familiarity, the Woolworth store on 633 Mass

Pudding Picks Play

Producers of the Hasty Pudding. The atricals announced yesterday that they had chosen the script for the 150th Hasty Pudding

Friends Crusade for Marrow Match

A2/B48/DR1101/A26/B35/DR0406. For Alan J. Kuo '85, a Dunster House alumnus suffering from chronic myelogeneous leukemia, this string of letters and

Houses May Join Yard in Banning Indoor Smoking

Months after smoking was banned in all first-year dorms, Cabot House said it is likely to ban smoking later this

New Service Organization Holds First Meeting

Several first-years showed up last night for the introductory meeting of a new student organization that will dedicate itself to