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Reforming the ‘Organization Kid’

Before Harvard, I attended boarding school, which combines some of the best parts of college (stellar academics, interesting people) with

Blogging: The I-Banking of Harvard's Journalists

Nobody was more surprised at the success of the blog than its writer, Lena X. Chen ’09. Through the

My Kind-Of Imaginary Syrian Boyfriend

I’m sort of, just a little bit, maybe in love with a Syrian ophthalmologist whom I’ve never met. Our affair

fm’s amateur ethicist: The Ethics of H-Y

Dear FM Ethicist, What do you think of the new party restrictions for the Harvard-Yaletailgate? How should I get around

Those Who Can, Teach?

The late eighties were boom years on Wall Street, as the stock market climbed and the dollar strengthened. Venture capital

The Amateur Ethicist

Hey FM Ethicist! How do you handle those awkward convos when you don’t really care about someone’s summer? Over the

Week One: “The Virgin Nerds”

352 seniors—one in five in the class of 2006—signed in last Sunday at Senior Bar, armed with nothing but a

War-Torn Warriors

Co-Chair: Elizabeth W. Green ’06 When I first met Elizabeth, I made the mistake of calling her “Liz.” I rue

Celebrity on Heels­—Very High Heels

Bellinis at breakfast? Check. Coterie of well-heeled and tenaciously loyal friends? Check. Four-inch heels to section? Double-check. For Erica S.

No 14: Publicity

According to LexisNexis, the past seven days have seen Harvard cited in the headline, lead paragraph, or synopsis of 126

No. 1: THE AMATUER ETHICIST: We Don’t Always Whine. Want Proof? Read This God-Forsaken Magazine.

Dear FM’s Amateur Ethicist, Two years ago, I helped to write an FM cover story called “Should We All Just

Why Not Scientology?

I sat dead still, in shock and horror. Tom Cruise jumped up on Oprah Winfrey’s neutral-toned couch and rhapsodized about

So What Is It Anyway?

One common myth claims that L. Ron Hubbard started Scientology on a bet with Kurt Vonnegut. In fact, Hubbard established

Weddings & Engagements

A Family Affair For one family, lightning struck twice. Ethan L. Murray ’05, who encouraged Matthew M. Mulder ’05 to

What I Learned From Doc

As soon as the word got out that Hunter S. “Doc” Thompson had shot himself, obituaries and retrospectives poured out,