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LGBTQ+ History month
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Why Coming Out Still Matters at Harvard

Because of these myriad impacts of outness, until the rest of the world looks a little more like Kirkland House, the decision of whether to come out will continue to matter, even at — if not especially at — Harvard.

Salt Lake City Temple

A Soft Place to Land

I didn’t want their God to die the way mine did.

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Gatekeeping Gay

We all deserve the freedom to venture beyond the confines of the boxes in which we have been placed and select for ourselves the lifestyles, pronouns, and partners that are most congruous.


Dissent: A More Empathetic Shopping Week

It’s clear there are many reasons for undergraduates to love and miss shopping week, but this love doesn’t take into account the burden placed on others. There is no reason why course preview period can’t effectively replace shopping week, especially during the pandemic but even beyond it. Doing so will simply demand a greater measure of empathy and respect for our fellow undergraduates, faculty members, graduate students, and one another.

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Please Stop Campaigning

While there are certainly some behaviors and attitudes that should not be sanctioned under the pretext of predisposition, I think the luxury of living in such a diverse world is that we can choose our own friends and associates: those with whom we feel most compatible.

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Stop Exiling Republicans to Echo Chambers

Hurtful, noxious rhetoric is a legitimate, frightening reality, and I have no intention of downplaying the difficulty and near-impossibility of giving grace to those who peddle dehumanizing ideologies, especially when those hateful perspectives target us or our communities. Nonetheless, it is critical that we resist the urge to flatten the diversity of opinion among conservatives to the most vocal, radical, spiteful individuals on the fringes of society.