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Fez Zafar
Editors' Choice

Most Popular: Fez Zafar

Fez is not like us. He’s not just more popular — he’s built different.

Maria Dominguez Gray
Fifteen Questions

Fifteen Questions: Maria Dominguez Gray on PBHA, Leadership, and Public Service

The executive director of the Phillips Brooks House Association sat down with Fifteen Minutes to share her thoughts on what makes a good student leader and the value of community service.

The Man The Myth The Manifesto Podcast Graphic

Podcast: The Unabomber: The Man, the Myth, and the Manifesto

The Unabomber, caught in the 1990s, continues to remain a fixture in the imaginations of countless podcast hosts, documentary makers, and journalists — why? In this podcast, Fifteen Minutes Magazine breaks down the common stories used to explain his path to violence and examines the aftershocks of the publication of his manifesto.

IV: Picking Up the Pieces

III: One Person's Revolutionary

II: Catch and Release

I: The ‘Unknowable’

The Stories We Tell

Ian Miller
Fifteen Questions

Fifteen Questions: Ian Miller on Zoos, Climate Change, and the Quad

The historian and Cabot House Faculty Dean Ian J. Miller sat down to discuss his research on empire and energy in modern Japan and East Asia and life as a faculty dean. “When you stand somewhere else, you look at the world through someone else’s eyes or you work with historical documents, reading into those powerful texts, it can be empowering,” he says.

ManRay FM
Around Town

The Road to ManRay’s Resurrection

ManRay NightClub originally opened in 1983, attached to another venue, Campus, which was a gay club. Therefore, at least initially, ManRay was LGBTQ+ adjacent. It was a place for the self-identified freaks and geeks, the goths and the sloths. They had more mainstream nights, New Wave and techno for the normies on Saturdays, but they also had nights for all kinds of weirdos (non-derogatory): BDSM and fetish nights, fashion shows, art exhibitions. It was a big deal.

ManRay FM
Around Town

ManRay FM

This January, ManRay nightclub returned to Central Square after 18 years since last closing its doors. We sent MMFW to investigate if its own revival has succeeded in reviving the Cambridge LGBTQ+ subculture.

Yooni Park 1
Fifteen Superlative Seniors

Most Changed Since Freshman Year: Yooni Park

She talks about emotional maturity a lot — “I learned gradually and a bit too slowly,” she says with a laugh.

Adele Bacow
Fifteen Questions

Fifteen Questions: Adele Bacow on Urban Design, Life with Larry, and Book Clubbing

The urban planner and first lady of Harvard sat down with Fifteen Minutes to discuss her artistic pursuits and her formative college years at Wellesley. “I grew up in a very protected, secure, happy home life,” she says. “And then to come up North and be exposed to all the new ideas and the changes in the world, it was extremely eye-opening.”

Harvard Hillel Rest

Rest: Shabbat and the Sake of the Week

No phone, no laptop. No writing, no electricity. According to the Torah, these activities do not qualify as rest.

Religion Scrut Header

Hungry for Manna from Heaven

We wanted answers about where to find spiritual orientation for ourselves and for others like us — those who aren’t exactly sure what they’re looking for, or if they’re even looking.