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Weymouth Blue Lives Matter Graphic
The Scoop

A Town Divided

In the last few weeks, two petitions have been circulating through Weymouth: one to take down the high school’s Blue Lives Matter flags, and the other to keep them up.

Mather from the outside part 2

Inside Mather Tower’s Metal Cage

Eventually, Bakshi heard a voice for “the first time in forever.” God? The ghost of Increase Mather? The Taco Nacho Salad Odor brought to life? No: the elevator’s telecom system. (When we press about the duration of “forever,” Bakshi clarifies that it had in fact been only 20 minutes.) The voice belonged to a serviceman who said, “We’ll have somebody come over to you right now.”

Salem Psychic Fair
The Scoop

A New Fear for Salem

These days, a crowd isn’t just a crowd: It’s a coronavirus outbreak waiting to happen. This is the fear of Salem residents in 2020, especially those who work in the town’s tourism sector.

Fly Together Fitness
Around Town

A New Spin on Pole

The 11 co-owners of Fly Together Fitness are biologists, musicians, educators, and real estate brokers; their ages range from 25 to 53 years old. Despite their diverse backgrounds, a shared love of pole dancing inspired them to build their own cozy, brightly-lit studio in Somerville.