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Sophia S. Liang

Sophia S. Liang is the Magazine Chair of the 149th Guard. She can be reached at

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Amber Venn Diagram
Parting Shot

Amber Venn Diagram

Remy 2
Around Town

Up Close With Remy the Cat

“He’s our cat, but he’s every bit a cat that belongs to the Harvard community as well."

Venn Diagram: Nietzsche, Sriracha, Kombucha

Venn Diagram: Nietzsche, Kombucha, Sriracha

Cha cha real smooth.

Venn Diagram: Nietzsche, Sriracha, Kombucha

Venn Diagram: Nietzsche, Sriracha, Kombucha

Atlas of Inequality Lev D-hall

Mapping Inequality at Harvard

"A lot of the inequality that we experience in our lives is embedded into the things that we do, not where we live."

Extension School and College Gates

How Far Will Harvard Extend?

The complex relationship between the Extension School and the rest of the University — between the “back door” and the “real Harvard” it opens up to — highlights a glaring paradox: How can a school that’s famous for the number of students it rejects so boldly advertise a “Harvard education designed for you”?

Covid layoffs collage

Four Stories, Four Harvard Workers

In the wake of Harvard reducing idled workers' pay to 70 percent during the pandemic, we followed four Harvard employees over the course of three months, conducting interviews on a weekly basis. These four individuals shared their lives with us, and although financial challenges and the pandemic have touched each of them, the pay cut is far from the only reason why these stories need telling.

Rally against AAPI Violence in Boston Common

Corner Pieces

What is the organizing of a Zoom vigil supposed to look like? What kind of advocacy work are we expected to perform while we grieve? How do we protect bodies so tempting they seduce bullets?

Ethics Bowl
The Scoop

A New Take on Debate

The purpose of Ethics Bowl is to examine the ethical facets of real-world cases without the emphasis on speed, one-upmanship, or dogmatism that characterizes traditional debate.

Allison P. Pao '21
The Scoop

The Heart of Education

“Undoubtedly — I can't say this in stronger terms — this course would have met the highest level of Gen Ed committee evaluation,” he says. “There are other courses that were nowhere near this threshold of quality that you could cut for funding reasons. This is not the one to go.”

Catherine Ho Cover
Fifteen Most Interesting

Catherine H. Ho

Catherine H. Ho's '21 college experience has come full circle — well, sort of.

Scrut Banner

Free Fall

Harvard spent months planning a fall semester in the hopes of avoiding a repeat of the spring, when workers were exposed to the full force of the pandemic — including at least one who contracted COVID-19 after cleaning President Lawrence Bacow’s residence on March 19. Yet this fall, workers continue to face new iterations of the same anxieties over workplace safety and economic security.

Fly Together Fitness
Around Town

A New Spin on Pole

The 11 co-owners of Fly Together Fitness are biologists, musicians, educators, and real estate brokers; their ages range from 25 to 53 years old. Despite their diverse backgrounds, a shared love of pole dancing inspired them to build their own cozy, brightly-lit studio in Somerville.

Free the Vaccine
The Scoop

Free the Vaccine

As the possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine grows more likely, questions of accessibility and fair pricing are also increasing. The "Free the Vaccine" movement is just one effort to preemptively combat the inequalities that may deepen with the vaccine's release.

Annenberg's New Portrait

The Proud Portrait of Richard T. Greener

Greener’s rosy recollection of Harvard reflects a series of contradictions that characterized his life, both during and after college. Greener was a light-skinned Black man straddling racial divides in a segregated world. He received life-changing opportunities at a university where he struggled with loneliness and lacked faculty support. And despite his tremendous contributions in activism and public service, he remains relatively unknown to historians today.