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First Parish Church
City Politics

Homeless Court’s Move To Harvard Square Brings Improved Accessibility

The Cambridge District Homeless Court has begun holding sessions at its new location in the First Parish Church, at the corner of Massachusetts Ave. and Church Street.

Harvard Square

Harvard Square Shelters Fight to Serve in Winter

In the wintertime, Y2Y and HSHS must navigate extreme weather conditions with a skeleton staff—watching the demand for overnight beds rise while the volunteer pool shrinks.

Olivia D'Ambrosio

Olivia D'Ambrosio

A first-time candidate for Cambridge City Council, Olivia D’Ambrosio has a background in professional arts and is running on a platform that places art at the center of public policy.

Giant Power: Technology, Energy, and the History of Post Truth America
History of Science

History of Science Professor Presents Research on Scientific Misinformation

She argued that large corporations appeal to notions of free market capitalism and freedom to preserve deregulated industries.

A Calmes Conversation

LA Times Editor Warns of Conservative Media ‘Closed Loop’

The “closed loop” of conservative media has pushed the Republican Party farther to the right, argued Jackie K. Calmes, the White House editor for the Los Angeles Times.

US Japan Relations

Professor Chronicles History of U.S.-Japan-China Relations

Japanese politics professor Ezra F. Vogel made the case that U.S.-Japanese relations were dependent on the relationship between Japan and China.