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Three Harvard Students Selected as Marshall Scholars

Maille E. Radford ’17, Julius G. Bright Ross ’17, and Reylon A. Yount ’16 were in shock to find they had been chosen as recipients for Marshall Scholarships.


New Alcohol Office Director Focuses on Strong Peer Engagement

Garrett O. Fitzgerald was hired this August as director of Harvard’s Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Services, the third in the office’s 11-year history.


Alcohol Office Ends Free Water Bottle and Screening Event

The Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Services is discontinuing its annual National Alcohol Screening Day, an event intended to evaluate students’ drinking habits made popular by its distribution of free CamelBak water bottles.


Mumps Outbreak Grows to 5, Cases Suspected at Yale

Harvard University Health Services confirmed there were five active mumps cases on campus as of Tuesday, up from four when the most recent outbreak was announced.


More than Just the Therapy

At a time when issues of mental health are prominent on campus, both students and health administrators understand the need for a diverse counseling staff, but recognize the difficulties of achieving that goal.

Indigo Peer Counseling

Citing Staff Shortage, Indigo Peer Counseling Takes Hiatus

Indigo, the peer counseling group aimed at addressing issues of race and diversity in mental health, is taking a hiatus this semester due to a staff shortage.

Student Life

Months After First Outbreak, Campus Rid of Mumps

A high rate of vaccination and summer vacation have eliminated any active cases of the virus on campus.

Mumps Timeline (As of 5.11.16)
College Life

As Commencement and Summer Travel Approach, Mumps Cases Hit 58

Students experiencing the mumps may not be able to participate in end-of-year Commencement activities, and those with symptoms of the disease have been encouraged by the Harvard Summer School Study Abroad Office to refrain from traveling.


As Students Prepare for Summer Travel, Number of Mumps Cases Hits 58

As the year draws to a close, the number of mumps cases on Harvard’s campus continues to rise, with 58 confirmed cases as of Wednesday. Students planning to partake in end-of-year Commencement activities or study abroad this summer were advised on measures to take if they experience symptoms of of the virus.

Student Life

Number of Students on Leave of Absence Increases

The number of students taking leaves of absence increased since 2010, from a low of 203 to a high of 242 last academic year, according to data provided by the College's Administrative Board​.


Rise in Anxiety on Campus Mirrors National Trends

​Following national trends in mental health across college campuses, rates of anxiety among both incoming and current students at Harvard are on the rise, according to reports from Harvard University Health Services.

Mumps Timeline

Number of Harvard Mumps Cases Rises to 22

​Six weeks after Harvard University Health Services director Paul J. Barreira first alerted Harvard affiliates of two cases of mumps, the total number of confirmed cases at Harvard has risen to 22.


Mental Health Concerns Increase Nationwide

An annual survey shows that rates of mental illness are rising, with anxiety surpassing depression as the most prevalent mental illness among students, a trend with many underlying causes according to experts.

Inn at Harvard

Mumps Cases at Harvard Rise to 16, Spreads to Tufts and BU

​The total number of confirmed mumps cases at Harvard has risen to 16, and now nearby Tufts University and Boston University are starting to see their own cases of the virus.


University Quarantines Students Infected with Mumps

​Administrators are working to contain the spread of mumps and care for students who have been affected by the virus by relocating them to isolated housing for an extended period of time.