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Student Jobs

GE's Move to Boston May Mean Opportunity for Students

​Harvard faculty members praised General Electric’s decision to move its headquarters to Boston as an opportunity for increased collaboration between the corporation and students.

City Politics

Alumni in Boston Government Disprove Harvard Stereotypes

Although the Harvard name is sometimes accompanied by negative stereotypes off campus, Michelle Wu ’07, President of Boston’s City Council, said these potential stereotypes have not negatively affected her time in office.

Allston Bars Graphic
Food and Drink

Allston Bars Graphic

Harvard Square Portland Loo Opens
City Politics

New Public Toilet Opens in Harvard Square

A small crowd donned “I love toilets” stickers for the grand opening of a new public restroom installment in General MacArthur Park on Friday.

Harvard Square

Cambridge Shelters Team Up to Address Homelessness

The Harvard Square Homeless Shelter and the newly opened Y2Y Youth Homeless Shelter introduced a joint volunteer recruiting initiative in an effort to share resources in their combined mission of combating homelessness in Cambridge​

Harvard Square

Cambridge Homeless Prepare for Winter

​Though the fear of winter is ever-present for Cambridge’s homeless population, shelters, including the new student-run initiative Y2Y Harvard Square, aim to mitigate the additional strains felt during winter months with increased resources.

Houghton Library

Navigating the Archives: Houghton Looks To Draw Students

To make the library’s resources seem more approachable, Hardman and Heather G. Cole, the assistant curator of modern books and manuscripts, launched the Houghton Undergraduate Summer Fellowship, a program designed to prompt undergraduates to engage with the Houghton’s vast collection and explore their scholarly curiosities.


Creative Writers Talk History in Fiction at Harvard Book Store

​Two sisters, novelist Kaitlyn Greenidge and playwright Kirsten Greenidge, spoke about weaving historical and personal influences into their fiction at the Harvard Book Store on Friday evening.


Harvard Museum of Natural History Celebrates Rare Objects

During the panel, speakers highlighted additional scientifically and historically significant items in the museum’s possession.

Money and Politics
On Campus

Blaming Citizens United Is an ‘Oversimplification,’ Tribe Says

​Harvard Law School professor Laurence H. Tribe ’62 argued Monday that holding the 2010 ruling primarily responsible for campaign finance issues is “a dangerous oversimplification.”

Tealuxe Love Story
Flyby Blog

Harvard Square Tea Tasting: A Spiritual Journey

As the temperature finally drops and midterm season comes back, the need for warmth and caffeine becomes more and more urgent. While many, including myself, swear by coffee, there exists a portion of students who are swayed more by tea. This less popular and often less caffeinated drink seems to be overshadowed by the power that the java has, especially during days when you need to finish a paper at 4 am. While coffeehouses are too numerous to count, locations to experience something other than the HUDS-provided English Breakfast or Green Tea are limited. To find these places and fully experience the joy of drinking unique teas, I gave up coffee for a weekend and embarked on a tasting of some of the teas Harvard Square provides.

Black Chronicles II
Visual Arts

Hutchins Center Showcases ‘Black Chronicles’ Photo Exhibit

“​Black Chronicles II,”​ as the exhibition is called, is the continuation of a similar project looking to address the absence of cultural diversity in the Victorian historical narrative.


Harvard Students Hastily Prepare Halloween Costumes

“Normally, my friends and I go down to Garment District the day of [Halloween],” said Thomas Ferland ’18. “The first time we did it…we went through older sections and picked out random stuff.”


Author Musharraf Farooqi Discusses Storytelling

Farooqi argued for the need to sometimes rework historical stories, since some have potentially harmful social messages regarding gender, violence, and relationships.