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Scam Email
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How to Pull Off an Email Scam, by “Drew Faust”

Step one: say “Harvard University is a big Fan of your work." Everyone wants to hear that.

 Senior Thesis Writers’ Conference
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Before You Ask How My Thesis Is Going...

For God’s, Anaïs Nin’s, and my sake, please stop asking me about my thesis. I'm going through enough as it is.

Lamont Bag Check Poster

Harvard Ends Bag Checks at Lamont Library

This is a BFD: Lamont has eliminated the bag-check system.

Harvard Square at Night
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What Even is Left in Harvard Square?

Sometimes we're not even sure what's left in Harvard Square anymore.

my.Harvard courses

The Most Savage Q-Guide Comments of 2017

They wrote, we annotated: the most savage Q-Guide comments of 2017.

Row of Snicket's Books
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Love It or Hate It: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Flyby weighs in on whether Netflix's revival of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" deserves to be placed in the hall of fame, or thrown promptly in the trash.

Job Search
Student Jobs

How To: Schmooze a Professor

For those of us not seeking jobs at shiny finance places, internship season is upon us. Here's a nifty guide to getting your professor to write you a stellar letter of recommendation.

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Flyby Horoscopes: May (Summer Job Edition)

Flyby exec and amateur astrologist Kyle E. O’Hara counts many things among her talents—her impressive ability to drink Diet Coke before 10 a.m., her dogged pursuit of the position of El Jefe’s #1 customer, and her remarkable skill at napping at inopportune times. But most prominent of these talents is her questionable-at-best ESP. Check back on the first of each month for your Flyby Horoscope, courtesy of Kyle.​​

Harvard Shop Shirts
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Biebs Mashups, Free Cookies, and More Overpriced T-Shirts: The Opening of the Newest Harvard Shop

Despite my reservations about the opening of yet another Harvard Shop, I am never one to turn down offers of free food and thus woke up at the absurdly early hour of 11:30am on this beautiful Saturday to let them peddle their wares to me.

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Flyby Horoscopes: April

Looks like there are good things in store for you this month, Harvard. But is it too good to be true?

Adams House Gate


<p>As if going to Harvard weren’t enough to brag about, the (randomly) chosen few will be able to name drop Adams come Housing Day. There are so many reasons Adams is considered the gold standard, but we want to highlight a few of the less publicized ones.</p>

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Flyby's Reactions to "React"

​As if clicking ‘Like’ on Facebook weren’t expressive enough, now there are six different ways you’re allowed to feel about someone’s new profile picture or Go Fund Me post. Now ALL SIX human emotions are displayed when you hover over the ‘Like’ button. Instead of just liking you-know-who’s 100th post of the day, you can show them that Facebook activism really does make a difference by letting them know that you too are “sad” or “angry” at the state of the world. Go crazy.


What Your “Just Going to the D-hall for Coffee” Outfit Says about You

​Once you become a part of house life (or even if you’re particularly comfortable in Annenberg), the dhall will become essentially an extension of your room, albeit a part with more people and less dirty laundry. What you wear when you're only there for a brief visit says a lot about you.

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Flyby Horoscopes: March

Hey, Harvard. I’m back with your March horoscopes. My editors have finally recognized my incredible abilities (or I’ve figured out how to post my own content — the world may never know). There are some great things in the stars this month for all signs — can you say spring break? These next two weeks, though, hold potential for serious chaos if not managed correctly. Take a look at your horoscopes for a little bit of guidance on how to navigate the coming month.