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Cengiz Cemaloğlu
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Where Theater Meets Reality

“Our mission, as we state in our website, is the enhancement of human existence through the advancement of the field of social engineering,” Cengiz Cemaloğlu ’18 says. He’s talking about Reality Theatre Co., a Hong Kong-based company of which he was the director last year. During his senior year of high school, he says that Reality Theatre Co. netted $110,000, completed 34 out of its 35 projects successfully, and received 120 proposals.


Drinky Drink: Half Marathon

Alcohol usually accompanies bad decisions; running a half marathon, as we see it, qualifies as a bad decision. A sweaty, painful, 13.1094 mile-long bad decision. Instead of case racing the entire way and polishing off a light (and hydrating) beer at each mile marker, why not make at least one good decision? Follow FM’s advice on what to drink before, during, and after a half-marathon.