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Across the Pond

When Foes Became Friends

Despite all the changes to the biannual track and field competition between Harvard-Yale and Oxford-Cambridge, the meet still holds a special place on the calendar and in the hearts of student-athletes: It is the only opportunity for them to compete alongside their rivals while engaging in new, broadened social and cultural interactions.

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The Simple Moments

Right now, the world is struggling with containing Ebola and countering ISIS. Harvard confronts shuttered health services and breaches of privacy. But me? I was focused on whole milk. It all seemed so pointless.

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Lift the Ivy Playoff Ban

The football team is the only one of Harvard’s 42 varsity teams that is currently prohibited from postseason play.

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The Old Ball Game

I wish I could go back to 2004 and re-live that magical October at Fenway.

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In Defense of Solitude

We are surrounded by our phones, our laptops, our televisions—a constant, never-ending flow of news and opinions. We are surrounded by the noise of the world. The result is that we rarely have time in solitude, time to think and reflect without the chatter of voices or the vibration of phones.

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A More Useful Driver's Ed

It has been known for a long time now that snowfall greatly enhances the dangers of driving.

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Necessary Cuts

The Pentagon’s massive back-office contains 800,000 civil servants, 536,000 active duty military personnel who are never deployed, and 700,000 contractors.


Weston, Mass. Plans To Acquire Harvard Property By Eminent Domain

After years of back-and-forth negotiations with the University, the town of Weston, Mass. announced recently that it plans to obtain by eminent domain a portion of Harvard-owned land in the Case Estates property.