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7 Ways to Celebrate the End of Finals

The end is near, hear hear! Times may seem dismal, but soon enough the worst of these cold, dark days will be over. Instead of throwing up your arms and going HAM because YOLO—let's be real, that's been done—here are some more creative ways to celebrate the end of these endless days:


Drinking Game: Reading Week and Finals Edition

Reading period is a great time to do in a week what you should have been doing all semester. Whether you need to catch up on reading or drinking, FM created a game that suits both.


10 Peculiar Bequests in Harvard's History

Harvard can claim the largest university library in the nation, multiple companies around the world, much of Boston and Allston, and lots of money. But the University also owns some bizarre things thanks to past bequests by donors. FM researched some of the most shocking and peculiar donations made in the history of the University to learn more about their origins and how they came under Harvard’s possession.


HUDS? TF? HCCG? What Harvard Acronyms Mean to Outsiders

From HCCG to TF to HUDS, Harvard students might as well speak in acronyms. We ventured into Harvard Square to ask some passersby what they thought some of these commonly-used phrases meant. Responses ranged from “I don’t know. We’re from Norway” to “...what?” as well as some pretty legitimate guesses.


Suggestions from Alumni for a New Student Center