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Final Clubs

Greek Life Timeline

Though Final Clubs, fraternities, and sororities are long-standing staples of the Harvard social scene, their presence is anything but static. Last year, sorority Alpha Phi set down its roots in Cambridge, while fraternity Kappa Sigma reinstated its Harvard chapter last week after an eighty-year hiatus. FM digs into the archives to create a chronology of Harvard’s dynamic Greek life.


Modern Love: Canajoharie Creek

Within the first two weeks of having met him, I learned two things: 1. He was married, and had a child. 2. He had terminal brain cancer.

Drew Faust

Five Degrees of Separation: Neil Patrick Harris & Drew Faust

In honor of Neil Patrick Harris’s upcoming visit, FM presents a revelatory string of connections linking our own University President Drew Gilpin Faust to the aforementioned dynamo.

On Campus

Semester In Review: Four Things That Made Harvard Awesome in Fall 2013

As the Fall 2013 semester draws to a close, Flyby reflects on four of the many things that made it a great one.


Summing up 2013 in Fifteen Minutes

We’re about to wrap up a year of recovering from Miley Cyrus, celebrating celebrity babies, and grappling with government hysteria. In honor of our namesake, we compiled a list of the fifteen minutes—some historically significant, others not much more than a filler story that ended up dominating national news—that defined 2013, to read and remember before we ring in the new year.


Breaking News, Breaking Student Morale

Just before finals week, the Harvard undergrad population is met with great news: everyone’s getting A’s! At least, that’s how some panicky students may have interpreted Dean Harris’s recent remarks—leading to a wave of despair washing over campus. Here are seven ways that simple statement ruined mornings across Harvard today:


Play Me Pianos

A consistent crowd of tourists wanders in and out of the adjacent Holyoke Center, but this Mass. Ave. hotspot has recently developed a musical dimension: a public piano now graces the street corner, one of many pianos installed by Luke Jerram’s international “Play Me, I’m Yours” project.

Capital Campaign

Cheat Sheet: Capital Campaign

If you, like us, were utterly confused by the recent e-mail blast ambiguously touting the arrival of Harvard’s “capital campaign” (or CapCam, as we like to call it), have no fear. We’ve read up on all things capital, from Das Kapital to the U.S. Capitol in search of what you need to know to impress even your economics concentrating blockmates. Here are the six things to know about Harvard’s capital campaign.


Harvard Expectations