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Peeking In

Faust And The Furious

If only our environment wasn’t so circumscribed by email searches and hidden cameras, funding restrictions and a near complete lack of student input. Because it probably takes more than bouncing hot dogs to truly explore and learn.

Political Fans

Campaign 2014: Florida Edition?

We, fellow Floridians, have outdone ourselves yet again. Never in my life have I seen a campaign like this.

CS50 in Mather

CS50 and the Humanities

Many of us have completely narrowed our focus to math and science and computer science, and maybe we ought to give the humanities, and everything else, at least a second glance.


Dissent: Moral Nonequivalence

Not only did the event display no level of detail or nuance regarding the situation, but it was also detrimental to the peace process.

Socks and Suits

Winter is Coming

I already miss the lazy days of summer, when we hadn’t yet started looking for a place to spend the next few years, whether it be J.P. Morgan or the Porcellian.


Four More Years

Before you know it, you’ll be stuck dealing with adult problems, like having a spouse, or getting emails that don’t contain gifs.


Phylogeny and Party Supplies

I want to thank all the seniors for what you’ve done and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors for the next two years, before you come back for grad school.


Twist and Shout

The real issue is that I’m not yet 21 and all my friends seem to be hitting their midlife crises already. Talk about struggling through finals period.


Matzo and Manischewitz

For the uninitiated, this week is Passover, an eight day holiday in which your favorite local lawyers and doctors, the Jews, celebrate their exodus from Egypt by depriving themselves of everything remotely edible.


Start Me Up

My point is that everyone and his grandmother is working on some sort of start-up.


Hot Tubs and Sea Legs

All houses were created equal, the same way your parents love you and your siblings equally, ignoring the time they gave your brother a new car for Christmas to replace his old one, and they didn’t even bother to give you, the older sibling, a new bicycle.


Cash on Hand

President Faust, I am told, was scientifically correct, but could have sounded more insensitive only if she had Skyped into the meeting from her private villa somewhere in the Caribbean, swimming in a pool of hundred dollar bills.


The Profile of Profiles

Nobody can be too surprised to find out that so many of us duplicated our profiles or made the jump from Snapchat to Tinder, making our search for a fun night out just a little more explicit.

Op Eds

Finals Without Really Trying

In preparation for finals week, you should first learn the hours of Dunkin’ Donuts. Starbucks is for hipsters, who sip double-whipped peppermint mocha frappalattes and write “underappreciated works of contemporary societal analysis.”

Op Eds

Lies, Damned Lies, and Obamacare

How could the president tell us such a lousy lie? He couldn't find anything better to lie about?