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A Bildungsroman For Generation Y

Generations of yore could look to carpe diem and Bach for inspration, today’s youths turn to #YOLO and boybands. Continually reinventing revered traditions, One Direction and Generation Y have done it again with “Live While We’re Young.” In the music video, a troupe of artists enact the classic bildungsroman, or coming of age story, in not one, but many, directions. A cinematic masterpiece, it fills a gaping hole in the boys-at-play niche of the music video industry.

Love is Blind
For The Moment

FM Rates Dates: What Happens When You Make A Pass, And Fail

From cradle robbing in Kirkland to six-pointed-star-crossed lovers in Quincy, students rate their blind dates.

Valentine's Day Drinky Drink
For The Moment

V-Day Drinky Drink

Regardless of whether you’re sipping these recipes in the arms of your lover or pounding them down alone, FM hopes they’ll hit the spot.

Student Life

Sandel's Justice Expands To Japan

This coming January, lively philosophical debates—the hallmark of Professor Michael J. Sandel’s perennially popular class “Ethical Reasoning 22: Justice”—will be uprooted from their usual Sanders Theater setting to reach students on the other side of world.

Creative Writing
In The Meantime

Blood, Sweat, and Ink

The veneers of literary organizations are sometimes considered off-putting to younger students and newer writers. Rumors circulate about the creative writing community’s exclusivity, competitiveness, and pretentiousness. But to what extent are the rumors true?


Football Team Absent from Pep Rally

On the night before thousands of Harvard students will journey down to New Haven for the annual Harvard-Yale football game, the College Events Board organized a pep rally to fire up the student body. But oversights and natural obstacles kept the event from going off without a hitch.

For The Moment

Love It: Muffin Tops

For years, before I’d go to bed every night, I’d spend at least half an hour planning my outfit.

For The Moment

Hot Chocolate in Harvard Square

It’s slowly getting colder, so FM is using the dropping temperature as an excuse to indulge (a bit early) in the sweetest part of winter.